10 Proven Travel Content Ideas For Making Your Social Media Posts Go Viral

Your social media page would become a popular haunt for potential tourists and travel post admirers if you engage their attention with creative, ...

The vibrant and happening social media offers unparalleled versatility in sharing content that can prove useful to a wide segment of audiences.  If you run a travel agency or have just returned from an exciting tour, you can post your experiences or tips in a visually appealing way for other potential travelers.

It is an accepted fact that people who want to embark on a tour often resort to social media to read the reviews and posts of other travelers before booking a trip. Start engaging such prospective tourists with compelling social media content and enhance your reputation as a source of reliable insights into travel hotspots.


Travel Content Ideas

Best Social Media Content Ideas For Travelers

If you are finding it difficult to figure out how you can creatively present your travel experiences, you can take inspiration from the ideas shared below to get started.

List of Top Things To Do

Travelers venturing out to new locations always look for guidance beforehand to stay prepared for things they may encounter in the vacation spot. They also seek tips to explore the destination optimally within a short time.

Being a veteran traveler, you can share your experiences in an organized manner through social media lists.

The lists shall offer useful tips, recommendations, and ideas for making the most out of vacations in a short time. You can publish lists like ‘Top 10 Hidden Attractions’, ‘Best 5 Places For Enjoying Local Gourmet Cuisine’, or ’10 Indispensable Things That You Must Pack’, etc. Engage the attention of audiences with relevant images and videos. Keep it short and sweet.

Attractive Images of The Location

You can post captivating images of the various attractions of the tourist destination shot from different angles to offer holistic visual insights to audiences. The engagement quotient of your posts would go up if you capture the shots while doing something quirky that people can relate to.

Drone shots are best to offer sweeping aerial views of adventure spots like mountain trails, beach sports, etc.

You may take inspiration from popular online platforms to understand the kind of images that travelers prefer to view. Click snaps accordingly and make your posts go viral.

Attractive Images

Spellbinding Videos of Key Attractions

Video is the best medium to offer an immersive viewing experience of any location in a way that audiences can vicariously enjoy the fun and thrill of visiting the place. Your videos can have an amateurish touch, but they must be relevant to the audience.

For example, if you are dining out, you can make a short video of the lip-smacking dishes up for grabs, the price list of items, food preparation by chefs, etc.

Shoot your videos in natural light. Eliminate shakiness from the footage by having your camera positioned on a stable support.

Always edit your videos with a video editor before posting anything online to render the video crisp and tempting with special effects.

Social viewers like to watch short videos where the tourist attraction is put in proper perspective with the family members or couples spending fun moments in the foreground. Use an online video editor to stitch different footage seamlessly and make your visual presentation more absorbing.

Links To Blog Posts

Blogs offer you the space and freedom to write at length about your traveling experiences and post eye-catching images or videos. Once you have completed and published a blog post, you can place its link on your social media pages along with a relevant image to attract travelers’ attention.

Further, most platforms that allow blog publishing also carry buttons for linking the post to popular social touchpoints.

You only need to enhance the aesthetics of the image or video with a suitable photo or video editor. This will step up the craze for your present and future posts among travelers.


posts among travelers

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers may read information about tourist destinations published in tour booking sites or journals. They, however, tend to believe the words of people who have been to a destination and post frequently on social media.

Your personalized touch adds more credence to your words for audiences. Therefore, you can cater to potential travelers' knowledge thirst by having dedicated posts answering commonly asked questions.

Each post can offer answers to one question along with an image or video attesting to your statement. Questions can relate to the climate, people, foods, popular attractions, route, packing, etc., related to the destination.

Thrilling Insights Into Journey To Your Destination

If you have traveled to the destination, for example, by flight, you can put posts about the fare, amenities available in the economy or business class, the courtesy displayed by flight staff, etc., along with aerial views captured from the flight.

You can also inform readers how to reach the best hotel from the airport, things to be cautious about, visa checks, etc.

Useful Updates About Hotel or Resort 

You can share visual info about the resort you stayed in. Post images or videos about the room type, décor, furnishing available, staff, spa, food menu, gourmet dishes on display, salon, bathtub, etc.

You may also talk about free room upgrades, ways to snag a discount, or other useful info.

What more! Drive post engagement by putting up tempting videos of the resort. A good video editor will help you add irresistible charm to your videos.

Expert Opinions And Interviews

Your posts can carry snippets of interviews with travel experts who may shed more light on ways to optimize the travel experience. You can also publish interviews of veterans who have toured extensively and can guide travelers best.

If space constraints show up, you may post an image or synoptic video on social media with a link to your website where audiences can watch the complete thing. 


travel experts

Announcements of Contests

If you run a travel agency and want more prospects to get their trips booked through you, consider announcing contests with attractive prizes up for grabs.

Conduct contests and ask audiences to send you interesting entries around a popular destination. Announce discounts on the next booking through you for winners.

Animated Stories Of Clients

Your travel agency may have many satisfied tourist clients on its list. Share their experiences, reviews, feelings, and views about your agency through your social media handle.

Add animations to enhance the narrative appeal. A good video editing tool usually has an inbuilt feature for seamlessly inserting cool animations in video footage. Your posts are bound to become viral.


Be creative when it comes to posting exciting content related to travel on your social media channels. This will help you stand out and engage audiences better.

As your posts start getting viral, you will spontaneously command the attention and trust of potential tourists. Always give a personal touch to your posts because emotional appeal stimulates humans like nothing else.


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