7 Awesome Survival Tips To Follow If Stuck In The Wilderness

Emergencies are inevitable. You can find yourself stuck and stranded in the jungle for some time before you make it through. That is common during natural calamities or when you go for a hike in the woods and get lost. Whatever the reason, it is essential to know some survival tips to help you in such situations.


Also, you will need to get out of the woods or find help as soon as possible. Never give up or lose hope. Anxiety is the number one cause of disasters. This blog gives tips you can follow to ensure safety whenever you get stuck in the wilderness. You will learn how to live longer in a hostile environment with limited access to food, water, and medical care.

1. Have Emergency and Survival Kit

You might be stuck due to some unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. So, it is essential to have an emergency and survival kit to help you get through such situations. Subscription boxes bring you all the supplies you need for your survival. They have most items you need in an emergency. Another advantage is that they will ship to your location.

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Crate Club is another subscription box specifically for survival and tactical gear. It is one of the most reliable companies on the market with top-of-the-line products from professionals. You can pre-order and receive camping and hiking products to keep you going. Items you will get include food, accessories, and clothing.

2. Stay Calm and Focus

Calm and Focus

Do not do anything in a hurry or panic. Calm down and think straight. That will help you make better decisions to save your life. Try remembering where you were last heading to and the route you were taking. If possible, retrace your steps back to safety or find a higher ground where it will be easier for rescuers to see you. Mark significant points in the forest so you do not get lost again.

If it is getting dark, stay put and do not move around. It will only increase your chances of getting hurt or lost further in the wilderness. Do not try to build a fire, as it can attract wild animals and make you more visible to predators. You are safer staying hidden in the darkness. Never attempt climbing a tree to sleep in the branches. You may fall and hurt yourself. Also, relax to rest and lower your metabolism. That will help conserve your energy.

3. Learn Essential Survival Skills

Getting water and food in the jungle can be tricky. Conserve energy and not waste time looking for things you might not find. The most challenging part is finding safe drinking water in the wilderness. Try to find a freshwater source first before even thinking of food. Some wild fruits, leaves, and roots are edible, but ensure it is edible.

4. Practice Hygiene


Practice Hygiene

If you are in the forest, you will likely come across a stream or river. Do not drink the water directly because it might contain harmful bacteria and parasites. Use a water filter or boil the water to kill germs. You can also take a bath to stay clean and prevent skin diseases. Treat open wounds as soon as possible to avoid infection.

5. Keep Yourself Warm

Do you have extra clothes? If not, look for dry leaves, moss, or grass to insulate your body and keep yourself warm. You can also use a space blanket to reflect your body heat. You can set up a fire in the wilderness, where no wild animals live. Build a shelter to block the wind and rain. If you have a tarp, use it to make a tent or lean-to.

6. Signal the Nearest Rescue Team


Signal the Nearest Rescue Team

A whistle, mirror, or flare is an excellent way to signal a rescue team in the distance. If you see any aircraft, try to wave at it using a bright-colored cloth. It will be unlikely that you will have a cell phone signal in a deserted place. But if you do, send a text message to your contacts or the nearest police station.

7. Do Not Give Up

The most crucial tip is not to give up. No matter how challenging the situation is, always stay positive and have hope. As long as you have access to some food, water, and shelter, you will survive. Remember, people will always be out looking for their lost loved one or rescuing others during a calamity.


Hardships are part of life, and you will face many in your lifetime. The best way to deal with them is by being prepared. Getting stranded in a wilderness will be one of the most challenging experiences. But if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will survive and come out safe. Remember to contact friends and family immediately if you feel lost or stranded before your phone dies.


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