6 Things to Pack for a Vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains

Summer is near, and we all know what that means: time for vacations! If your dream of leaving your everyday responsibilities and the stress of life behind is on the verge of coming true this summer, consider this a final push to get you moving and get started on your vacation planning. 

Vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains

If your search for packing tips for the Great Smoky Mountains vacation led you here, then you have probably already decided on your destination, and rightfully so. Located in the eastern United States, between North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains is a popular destination among vacationers. Rich with scenic beauty and fresh mountain air, it is one of the best places to reconnect with nature and relish the experience. Even if you are not a big nature fan, there is still a lot of stuff to do in the mountains, including dinner shows, line zipping, and other recreational activities.

Many vacationers curious about the wilderness go camping in the Smoky Mountains and stay there for a night or two. However, even if camping can be fun, you can surely not stay at a camp for your entire trip- you will need a comfortable room in a comfortable hotel to help you relax after an exhaustingly enjoyable day. If you are still undecided about your accommodation, we have a sound suggestion. Book yourself one of the cabins in Gatlinburg to make your vacation even more perfect.

Deciding where to go is one of the easy parts of any vacation planning, but the rest can be a little tricky- like deciding what and what not to put in your bags. If you are not exactly sure what to pack for your trip, we have listed down some items that you may need.

1. Clothing

Yes, this is one of the obvious ones- of course, you can't go anywhere without putting clothes in your bag. However, deciding what kind of clothes to pack is a battle in its own right. The weather in the Smoky Mountains is unpredictable, so you may have to keep the clothes you can wear in both warmer and cooler temperatures. One of the best ways to go about this is to plan on adding or removing layers of clothing based on the weather: pack T-shirts, jackets, and jeans. You can remove your jackets or one of the layers when it gets warm on your hike and put them back on when you feel colder. 

Hiking can be a tiring and physically exerting activity. If the sound of hiking makes you imagine yourself covered in sweat, you have probably got the image right. You may benefit by packing a couple of moisture-wicking clothing in your bags and getting them out when it's time for a long hike.

2. Shoes

Shoes- another of the obvious things to pack but very easy to pack wrong. If you wish to make the best of your trip to the Smoky Mountains, you may have to walk a lot. From hiking to trekking, there are a lot of steps you will have to take, and to do so in the wrong shoes sounds like a nightmare indeed. You will have to make sure your shoes are comfortable and not prone to quick wear and tear. Buy yourself a pair of hiking boots with a good-quality sole and tread. If you can get them waterproof, that is even better. With the frequent rains and many lakes and streams in the mountains, you don't want to get stuck in wet shoes that make a squelchy sound every time you take a step.

3. First Aid Kit

Probably one of the essential things to pack for any trip. Life is unpredictable; you never know when you might require medical aid, especially since you will mostly find yourself outdoors. A trip to the Smoky Mountains means you may engage in many physical activities, and having a first aid kit with you will provide you with great support. You could trip on a rock while trekking, pull a muscle, or even cut yourself on a sharp branch: the possibilities of getting hurt if you are not careful are endless. Therefore, ensure you pack in some bandages, soothing creams, and gauze when traveling. Keep some painkillers and fever reducers as well- just in case you get sick.

4. Bug repellents

There is no escape from bugs and insects when you are outdoors, and the Smoky Mountains are no exception to this rule. You will find many bugs, insects, and mosquitos when hiking or trekking. Hence, pack yourself some bug spray to keep the filthy insects at bay. You don't wish to be swatting at bugs and mosquitos the entire time you are trekking- that is as annoying as it can get. Having insect repellents will come in handy because you can keep your unpleasant encounters with these insects to a minimum.

5. Backpack and Camping Tents

If you are going to spend your time hiking or trekking in the Smoky Mountains, you will need a backpack or a daypack to hold all your necessities. Make sure that your bag is lightweight so that it does not weigh you down and tire you out during your planned activities. Also, it is better to have a waterproof bag so that the rain does not destroy your things. 

When planning a camping trip to the Great Smokey Mountains, be sure to bring along large dome camping tents. These tents are ideal for camping in the mountains because they provide plenty of space for all of your gear. Plus, they're easy to set up and take down, so you won't have to waste any time fiddling with your tent when you could be out enjoying the great outdoors.

If you plan on camping for a night, you may need a big backpack that can hold all the necessary equipment and stuff you may need for a stay on a camping ground.

6. Snacks

Before we tell you to pack your favorite chips, be sure to pack up some snacks high in nutrients so that they can keep you energized during your treks, such as almonds and raisins. When you have packed the healthy stuff, throw in some bags of chips in your bag too. This vacation is for you to have the best time and do and eat what you love. We all like to indulge in our favorite delicacies, even if that delicacy is a family pack of highly saturated and perfectly salty or spicy, toasted, and fried munching solutions in a shiny bag.


We hope our checklist was a helpful guide for what you need to pack and why. If you have packed according to our list, you are about good to go for hopefully the best vacation of your entire life. Now, all that matters is that you don't keep your excitement packed along with your stuff. Going on a vacation is a joyful experience, and there's no point in reigning in your excitement if you are eager to have the best time. Get started on your journey for self-rejuvenation and refresh yourself to overcome the daily onslaught of life.


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