Manageable Ways to Build An Engaging Travel Page on Instagram

Instagram has become a great place to market the business. Check out this article, here we listed the most manageable ways for Instagram travel page.

When Instagram was introduced to the world back in 2010, who would have thought it would become such an influential social media platform. It has provided people with ease to communicate with others and has brought many opportunities for people to follow their passion and make money.

And hence we are able to see various Instagram traveling pages, where people explore different cities, countries, and cultures, some undiscovered gems, and some unknown places. They can get great traction on their content and can boost their reach beyond geographical and local boundaries.

So if traveling “sets your soul on fire” and you want to turn your passion into something, and showcase it to the world using Instagram, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog has listed some of the manageable ways to build an engaging travel page on Instagram.

Build An Engaging Travel Page on Instagram

Tips to Build An Engaging Travel Page On Instagram

Instagram has a huge user base, which means you have great opportunities to grab attention and increase the reach and recognition of your page. But as it has such opportunities and user base, it simply means the platform also has great competition. And to get an edge over the competitors, you need some smart strategies.

1. Have an innovative and catchy username

Instagram allows you to choose the appropriate username for your account. So, choose a smart, catchy, and easy-to-remember username. Just don’t get too fancy; keep it simple but catchy.

We recommend you to either use your name or use some travel-inspired appellation. Of course, you can also have some word-play with your name. But keep in mind that you keep it related to traveling only. 

If you are running a website or a blog you can use that name for your username. It brings uniformity and helps your audience to recognize on different platforms. 

2. Optimize your Instagram account

While using the platform, keep in mind that merely making an account is not enough. It demands a lot of effort and measures that help your account to stand out from the crowd. After having an appropriate username, make sure that you optimize your account.

Have a logo for your account, you can use the logo that you frequently use on your website or blog which you created by using logo maker, or you can even use your picture as a profile picture. Just make sure that it helps the audience to recognize your account and identify you.

Also, make sure that you use the bio section smartly. For example, write about your content, your experiences, or what type of audience you cater to, etc. Also, if you have a website or blog, provide the URL in your bio section. 

3. Cross-platform marketing

No matter what social media platform you use, there is one hack that you need to know. Social media algorithms only promote your content or boost your profile's reach only if you manage to bring engagement and more to your profile and to the platform. And for that, more people must get to know about your profile.

Therefore you need to promote your profile on various platforms. You can share the profile link on different social media platforms. Also, you can even embed Instagram feed on website, using tools like social media aggregators.

Adding an Instagram feed on a website can provide various benefits like it helps to bring liveliness and visual appeal to the website, and at the same time, it provides a sneak into your Instagram presence. As more people will get to know about your Instagram presence, it might help you strengthen your Instagram followers list, providing the needed boost to your content and profile.

4. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels helps content creators to attract more audiences. The Instagram algorithm promotes reels in a significant way. As a result, reels get great traction and as it demands less attention, people prefer watching them.

So, make maximum use of the Instagram Reel feature. Try to put some basic and needed information. Like you, can provide different ways to reach a destination, or provide details of some budget stays. You can even use Instagram reels to provide some needed traveling hacks and tips. Good informative and engaging reels keep the audience interested and they expect more such content.

5. Follow the trend 

Want to stay in the competition and relevant - just follow the trend. Keep track of the latest trend, and it can be a dance step, a particular music piece, or any Instagram challenge. Then, show your creative side and collaborate your content with the trend.

Content that follows the ongoing trend has more chances to reach more audiences and at the same time, it makes your content more fascinating and enjoyable.

Summing It Up

While having a travel page, the whole purpose should be to provide needed information and attract a maximum audience. You need some smart strategies for that. Then, you can follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy the traction. So what are you waiting for? Travel the world, and let everyone know about it.


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