Things You Need To Know For Your Trip To London

A trip to London is a lot less stressful than booking a flight to go abroad, especially if you live in the United Kingdom. If you do live in the UK, you don’t need to worry about a visa or a passport for London. Only accommodation and how you are getting there should be the worry. 

The thing with London is that travelling to get there can be expensive. Trains around the UK are extortionate in prices if you haven't booked them in advance. Nonetheless, it is the capital of England which is probably why it is so expensive. Not to mention that the prices for essentials are much higher than in other cities located in the UK. 

Like the majority of your city breaks, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are not spending too much money, although you will still spend a lot. Here is our travel guide to London for your next trip away to this wonderful capital.  


Stick To One Area

One thing we can guarantee is that you will be amazed at the size of London. It is a massive city that you wouldn’t be able to explore in a full week, never mind just a few days. For this reason, we advise you to choose one area of London that you wish to explore and stick to that area. 

Central London is a popular destination for many as you can visit Kensington, Mayfair, Pimlico and Westminster. Anywhere outside of those locations is no longer central London so try to stick to those areas there. Central London will be the most expensive however, it is the heart of London and you can see amazing areas during your time there. 

There are many other areas you can visit as well in London however if you want to see England’s most famous sports, this is the area you should be visiting. 

Avoid Bank Holidays and Summer Breaks

The holiday season is the worst time to visit London. Not only will all the people who live near London visit this amazing capital but people all around the country will also make the trip. It is a busy city already and it only gets busier during school holidays. If you want to enjoy London, avoid it during bank holidays as well as other holidays.

The festive period is a fantastic time to live in the UK but it isn’t a good time to visit London, especially for your first time. Many people will be doing their Christmas shopping so avoid the main high streets at all costs.

If the only time you can visit London is during the school holidays, avoid the main tourist attractions and high streets. Instead, choose areas that are less likely to be filled with tourists. 

Don’t Try To See Everything At Once

As mentioned previously, London is a big city so trying to see everything is not realistic. \choose the area that you would like to go to, find the main attractions within that area and visit those places. If you wish to see a lot whilst you are in London, we would advise staying for longer than three days as this should give you enough time to visit the main attractions. 

If you don’t want to stick to the main areas then that isn’t an issue as the tube will take you to most areas. However, you will need to spend a lot more than three or four days. Spend a week there to give you enough time to see other attractions. 

Book Places In Advance

Before your trip to London, there are a few things you need to be aware of. A lot of the bars and restaurants will need to be booked. Booking places in advance will save you time trying to find a place where you can eat or drink. Moreover, there are a lot of famous restaurants and bars so, if you wish to see them, we would advise you to book them sooner rather than later.

Travelling to London is something else you need to keep in mind. This is another thing you need to be aware of. The train will be much cheaper if you try to book it a month before you visit London. Furthermore, there are other options such as the coach that can take you from another major city. 

If you are looking to drive down to the capital then you need to book a parking spot as well. Some hotels will offer free parking, some will say you have to pay and others won't have any parking at all. If you are staying in the Mayfair area, you might want to find a place at Oxford street car park or other car parks within the area. 

Find The Free Places To Visit

Believe it or not, there are many wonderful places you can visit which will not cost you a penny. For those who are intrigued about our history, many museums can educate you and the little ones. The Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and many more are all free to use. Have a look on Google before you visit London to see other free destinations and museums.

London has plenty of historical streets and buildings that you have to visit. The famous Buckingham Palace should be one of those on the list of things to see. One of the oldest buildings in London, Westminster Abbey is also available to see in Central London.   

To Conclude

London is one of the best cities in the world, never mind the UK. If you time it right, you can see many wonderful buildings and explore the high streets to spend money on designer clothes. However, ensure you book places in advance to save disappointment when you are there. That includes your travel as well. London is a fantastic city and we can guarantee that you will love it as well. Just make sure you plan your trip before you get there.


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