December Global Holidays - Top 10 Celebration 2023

Here is the list of Top 10 December Global Holidays and festivals that would be Celebrating around the World in upcoming December 2023.

    December, the last month of the year, comes with festivals and delightful celebrations. There are several events, joyous occasions, and December Global Holidays observed across nations. These celebrations have religious, cultural, and corporate roots and are marked as global holidays. People get an opportunity to take a break from their work and visit their family friends. Everyone shares gifts and enjoys delicious foods and drinks together. The surrounding is filled with children's laughter, the spirit of hope, warmth, and light is high, and adults are more lively in this snowy season of merrymakers. As we all know After many time damaged by the recent pandemic, many people are looking forward to the December Global Holidays to enjoy the end of the year on a cheerful note.

    Let’s have a look at some of the world’s top 10 December Global holidays.

    December Global Holidays

    It is also when people gather with their close ones and go on vacations to celebrate the festival spirit and spend time together. There are various places like kayaking events in Florida and plenty of cafes and eateries that set up their areas keeping in mind the holiday season and provide relaxing and family-friendly celebrative activities. Gifts, food, drinks, music, lights, and new accessories flood the markets and homes during this time. 

    To mark the international holidays that fall in December, here is a list of the 10-worldwide festivals that fall in this month.

    Here in this article there are the most popular December Global Holidays for 2022, have a look:

    1. Krampusnacht 

    Celebration Date: 5 December 

    In European and Alpine countries, the Krampus Festival is the celebration marking the arrival of the demonic creature Krampus. You might call him the evil brother of Santa Claus because he enjoys punishing children who have been naughty throughout the year. Although the origins of this festival stay unspecific to this date, some people say it might have originated to discipline misbehaving kids around the time of Christmas. People celebrate it by throwing parties, parades, and sharing delicious snacks over drinks and music. Also, in many towns, young men dress up as scary monsters and go from door-to-door spooking children.  

    2. Hanukkah 

    Celebration Date: 28 November to 6 December 

    An important festival for the Jewish group, Hanukkah spans 8-days as a celebration. The story behind this festival goes back to the days of the war of the Jews with the Greeks. They found a small jug of oil that could only last a day, but miraculously, it held out for 8-days instead. As a result, Hanukkah is considered a festive anniversary of that remarkable event. And it also marks the triumph to retrieve the Jerusalem temple by the Jews or Maccabees over Syrian Greeks. To celebrate, people have foods that they eat, especially during Hanukkah, like jelly doughnuts and potato pancakes (Latkes).  

    3. St. Nicholas Day 

    Celebration Date: 5, 6, or 19 December 

    Also known as the Feast of Saint Nicholas, it is a joyous day that marks the spirit of Saint Nicholas of Myra, who has a reputation as the harbinger of gifts and happiness. People, especially children, actively participate in the celebration and dress up as bishops to ask alms for poor people. Some of them also put a carrot in a shoe filled with hay as a gift for Saint Nicholas. And as a fun affair, presents with personal comical rhymes are labeled by the sender before giving them to the receivers.  

    4. Feast of the Immaculate Conception 

    Celebration Date: 8 December 

    People celebrate this festival as a tribute to the blessed and sacred Virgin Mary. It marks the birthday and conception of the Virgin Mary in her mother, Saint Anne's womb. This holy day has celebrations in the form of parades and processions dedicated to the sinless life and honor of the Virgin Mary. People also enjoy family meals and go to the church to make a special prayer called Novena that they say nine times in a row to thank her. 

    5. Santa Lucia 

    Celebration Date: 13 December 

    This festival pays tribute to the Italian Saint Santa Lucia, who died as a martyr. People see her as a figure of hope, light, and positivity in the darkest and most sorrowful part of the year and celebrate every 13 December to remember her soul. They carry out processions and concerts having singers clad in white and dressed in headdresses with flickering candles. Delicious sweet and savory foods are shared, and everyone gets together in its joyous atmosphere. 

    Santa Lucia

    6. Yule 

    Celebration Date: 21 December to 1 January 

    Yule or the Winter Solstice marks the coldest day of the year, having the shortest day and the longest night. Also known as the Midwinter Observance, this festival spans over 11-days, and people follow many fun practices during this time. They give gifts and new accessories to family and friends, sing carols from house to house once it is dark, hang blossoms of evergreen plants inside their homes, and preserve candles inside paper bags. 


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    7. Las Posadas 

    Celebration Date: 16 December to 24 

    Las Posadas festival is a part of Christmas that recognizes the painful journey of the Virgin Mary and father Joseph when they were looking for a shelter where she could bring Jesus to life. They could find refuge after a long struggle and several rejections from the people. So, this festival cherishes that moment of hospitality. People celebrate it with their family and friends by going from one house to another as an act of seeking shelter. They sing traditional songs, and those living in the house offer them drinks and food.  

    8. Christmas 

    Celebration Date: 24 December to 25 

    Christmas is hands down the most popular global December festival. This day is associated with the birthday of Jesus Christ. Despite its religious roots, many countries celebrate it as a cultural festival, and many non-Christians also join in to commemorate this merrymaking. This holiday occasion marks various events, like attending church services, sharing food and drinks with family, having an all-out vacation, and leaving gifts for Father Christmas or Santa Claus.  

    9. Kwanzaa 

    Celebration Date: 26 December to 1 January 

    Kwanzaa is a 7-days celebration that brings together family, tradition, culture, and community together in the form of merriment. It is a form of commemoration of the culture and heritage of the African American community. Each of the days of Kwanzaa is marked as a fundamental principle of Unity, Collective Responsibility, Self-Determination, Creativity, Purpose, Cooperative Economics, and Faith. People celebrate it by gathering together and lighting candles each day, and sharing food and gifts over music.  

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    10. New Year's Eve 

    Celebration Date: 31 December 

    This day is probably the most exciting and fun-filled for people globally. It marks the transition of moving from one year to another and brings hope and promises in everyone's lives. Celebrated in many forms and traditions across different countries, it is also a time of reflection and thanksgiving for the year that has passed. People celebrate it by getting together and sharing food and drinks over music and gifts and praying for happiness in the upcoming year. 


    With so many global festivals, December is a month of joyous celebrations because of December Global Holidays. People are more lively because there is happiness brewed in the atmosphere. Everywhere, there is laughter, and family and friends come together to observe harmony, share love and enjoy the festivity with each other. It is also when everyone takes a break from their busy schedule by spending some time to relax and welcoming the fast-approaching new year. 

    And when mouthwatering dishes and beautiful gifts are out, and the weather fills with white snow and green trees, December Global Holidays feels like a holiday at a resort in heaven that welcomes everyone to cherish warm feelings with their loved ones as the old year passes by. 


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