Travel agents | Guide of Corporate Travel Trends in July 2021

This is the era of the nomad. As the next generation of customized travel emerges, so will the study and development of a slew of new "intelligent" services. In recent years, command-and-control travel views have grown significantly, putting the passenger and the productivity of each journey at risk.

Guide of Corporate Travel Trends

As a result, it is critical to ensure that passengers get the most possible return on investment on each trip. As tourists, new generations of young workers and managers who grew up in the digital age are climbing the corporate ladder. Recognizing the need for more flexibility was essential, as was recognizing that workers who travel on business perceive a portion of their vacation to be a leisure outlet.

Because of increased globalization and businesses sending their employees abroad to network and interact with their offshore prospects/customers/suppliers, corporate travel has become a very lucrative tourism sector. Consider why business travelers choose to work with a specialist corporate agency rather than conventional brokers before diving into how tourism businesses may better serve them.

Why do corporations employ Corporate Travel Agencies?

This may be the most basic issue for a travel agency in terms of why they need to utilize corporate travel companies when there are so many conventional travel agencies on the market. This highlights the importance of corporate travel companies providing online platforms that enable business travelers to see their whole schedule.

CTAs have access to the following information:

• Extensive business itinerary

• Up-to-date flight tracking data (including delays or rescheduling)

• Precise information on extra expenses, such as luggage fees or in-flight surcharges

• Whether or if there are any travel warnings in the destination area

• Comprehensive and up-to-date information on visa procurement rules and identification requirements

• Currency requirements and exchange rates

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What do Corporate Travel Agencies expect of their clients?

Tariffs agreed upon by Business Agencies often have arrangements with hotels, car rentals, airlines, and other service providers, giving them access to reduced rates only accessible to regular corporate travelers. They not only provide discounted rates, but they also give airline upgrades, hotel upgrades, and VIP check-in lines as needed.

Extensive knowledge of the tourist business

Corporate travel agencies have better travel resources and, more crucially, faster access to them than leisure travel brokers. Additional information makes business travel easier and more comfortable.

Itinerary Modifications

When an aircraft ticket is delayed or cancelled, the airline or online service provider nearly always charges a significant cost. Most itinerary adjustments may be handled for free or at a low cost when booking via a business travel agency.

These are the individuals you call in an emergency.

In the event of a problem, business travelers must contact the relevant person. Corporate travel agents have the expertise and experience to minimize stress for both the traveler and the organization.

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What should you think about when business travel expands?

Business travel is significantly increasing, according to the Corporate Travel Barometer. However, if not properly managed, it may no longer be helpful to businesses and may even become a burden. Businesses and CTAs must consider certain things in order to make the most of their travel time.

Creating a Travel Policy

The organization must create a travel policy that applies to and is respected by all levels of travelers. This guideline should be used to define criteria for tracking business travel progress. It will ultimately aid in lowering the overall cost of the bundle.

Do not restrict the traveler's freedom

The management is in charge of budgeting the travel policy, which helps in cost control; nevertheless, it is also critical to provide the traveler some wiggle room. The approach should be flexible enough to enable the employee to tailor the trip to the circumstances.

The safety of travelers should be a top priority

Security is essential for business travelers. The business must follow its own set of regulations to guarantee the employee's honesty. CTAs need reliable partners (travel insurance, airlines, hotel chains, etc.).

Automation and mobility

Management platform administration should include automated processes to save time and simplify operations. This means that companies should create mobile solutions that allow customers to swiftly, simply, and on the fly access to search choices, trip notifications, ticket bookings, and other services.

Corporate Travel Trends in 2021

Corporate travel patterns change on a regular basis. TMCs and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) are working hard to offer a consistent, if not definite, axis all around in 2021. Some of their areas of concentration include a rising MICE industry, investments in mobile and big data, and a stronger emphasis on the duty of care.

Increased prices

Among worldwide suppliers, flights, and accommodation costs, among others, rising prices are the proper watchword. When demand falls significantly, it is often the turn of suppliers to provide discounts that promote travel. A strong global economy in 2021 has resulted in a few percentages point increase in airline prices; hotels are anticipated to have a 4 percent -6 percent increase in average foreign rates, and car rental competition will remain modest.

Obligation to provide care

Risk management is one of the most important areas of focus for businesses. Corporate customers allow new rules and better technology to track workers' whereabouts in an emergency, particularly when they travel to other nations. Concur Risk Messaging, for example, helps identify travelers as they move across the globe and alerts them to alternative travel plans if required.

Specialized in meetings, incentives, and conventions

The meetings sector is rapidly expanding, and corporate travel is keeping up. As soon as possible, corporate travel firms should begin integrating different meeting procurement methods with transitory travel sourcing. One method might be to include incentive vacations among the meeting choices.

Putting money into technology

Introducing mobile-friendly technology may help businesses concentrate on delivering value and being more traveler-centric. Mobile and big data are unquestionably the two most important technical expenditures that every business travel firm must priorities to improve the attractiveness of their platform.  While being in the traveling mode one should have the private internet access android setup, so that one may lead use map and all other necessity required in the way of travelling.

Analysis of Post-Brexit Business Travel

Following Brexit, ACTE and CAPA expressed their views. They think that the pound's depreciation versus other foreign currencies will have the most immediate impact on the tourism sector. Currency fluctuations will influence the corporate travel industry, according to Greeley Koch, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, with some companies taking advantage of the cheaper pound and travelling more. Others, on the other hand, may decide to postpone business visits until global markets have stabilized.

Terrorism's impact on business travelers

Terrorism is a growing threat that travel officials and politicians must confront. Through travel regulations, travel agents and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) should provide executives and employees travelling on behalf of companies with trust. Corporate travel surveys are likely to reflect a wider worry among worldwide business travelers about the current terrorist spike. However, there is no disputing that the fear of terrorism is affecting corporate travel habits. As a result, businesses that offer business travel services must place a greater emphasis on security and related risks while providing services to corporate customers. According to recent study, travel managers believe their risk-reduction approach is more successful than that of suspicious business travelers.


Although the business travel industry has grown, it still faces a number of difficulties. Some of the fulcrum points that must be addressed when arranging corporate travel include a constantly changing consumer market, the development of new business models, the influence of technology, and manmade and natural disasters.

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