A Weekend Citybreak in Bath, Somerset

Whoever has read Jane Austen will say Bath today still reflects so much of the things she has written about of her days. To be on a city break here in Bath will seem like a walk down memory lane for Jane's fans. Moreover, how can one not take delight in the lavish treat of the Pump room, meeting people over a cup of tea, scones and cakes? Bath, however, is not just about that. There’s so much the town has to offer, from its magnificent Georgian terraces to its rich Roman Baths. The city got its name from how the place came about, built upon layers of history. Get ready for a classic, opulent yet quirky experience of a break here in the city of Bath. 

How to get to Bath?

Bath is only two and a half hours away from London, some 115 miles apart. The nearest airport to Bath is Bristol Airport. There are frequent train services that run from London Paddington, Bristol and South Wales. Those coming in from other countries may take a flight to Bristol airport or the Gatwick or Heathrow airport in London, for a world Heritage tour in this town. Besides local transports, you may hire taxis from London or any part of the UK you are in and have an exhilarating road trip to Bath. You may as well get to explore several other places while en route to Bath.

How to Get around Bath?

While visiting Bath only for a day might not be as fulfilling as it might not do justice to the world's heritage of the old Romanian Bathhouses and the traditional English soiree over tea. The massive geographical, historical, social and cultural exploration requires more than a day to experience at length.

It is easy to get around Bath as there are multiple transportation options like bikes and taxis for hire. You may even choose to walk or may even hop on one of the open-top buses and enjoy the overview of the city.

Top Places to see in Bath, Somerset

The Roman Baths:  The city derives its name from the historical background that Romans built bath complexes as they loved the natural hot springs here and believed them to have medicinal properties. 


The Roman Baths

This well-preserved thermae is one of the finest sites, and you will get to see the stone remains of the religious spas of the ancient world. You cannot miss this fascinating site steeped in history worth every ounce of your energy and penny. The excellent audio tour will help you immerse in the historical information of the place. Hence no question arises of feeling lost but only being lost in the magnificent monument here. Get ready for a mesmerizing tour of the four main features- The Sacred Bath, The Roman Temple, The Roman Bath House and a Museum, each with peculiar structure and historical relevance.

The Circus: Located near the Royal Crescent, this place is known for the historical ring of massive townhouses that form a circle with three entrances. It derived its name from the structure itself and was known as King's circus originally. It is indeed a sight to see these impressive dwellings. The stonework of the building here is a thing to marvel with emblems like serpents, acorns and nautical symbols.

The Circus

The Holburne Museum: What could be better times than spending at a museum that provides multiple programmes of exhibitions, music performances, creative workshops, events, talks and lectures. You will get a treat of an impressive sight of fine and decorative art collections. 

The Holburne Museum

Book lovers will like it here with a great book collection in the Museum bookshop.  And, then there's the Garden cafe where you can spend a quiet time away from the hustles of the city.

The Fashion Museum: Have you ever thought of a museum that perhaps houses a collection of contemporary and historical outfits? You find it right here in Bath. The Fashion Museum Bath is one of the world’s great museums of its kind. For lovers of classical gowns and dresses, and especially royal outfits, here is a feast for your eyes with dresses beautifully displayed. You While away any lazy day here with an audio tour to help you navigate and inform you of the collection.

The Fashion Museum

The Pulteney Bridge: This 18th century Bridge is one of the most admired structures in the world. It is also one of the only four bridges globally lined with shops. One can also get a complete view from and admire this place from the adjacent Parade Gardens park. It is a beautiful sight to see any time of the day, even at night, with light illuminating from this picturesque bridge.

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