Which Desert Safari is Best in Dubai?

In this guide we have highlighted an overnight safari tour among the best desert safari in Dubai with the affordable & flexible price

Dubai is the land of manmade and natural marvels. Travel enthusiasts from all over the world follow their passion to seek thrills in Dubai. From dining in the Dubai Marina to dune bashing in a desert safari tour, this extravaganza is worth chasing! If you are more into adventures, go for a desert safari. This place is one ground for limitless fun. In the following read, you’ll discover what night camping in a deserted land looks like.

best desert safari in dubai

A point to ponder here is booking an itinerary through proficient people. Luckily, I had a great encounter with Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They not only happened to be great guides but also did their best to keep entertaining us throughout the desert safari Dubai. I’ll cover some of those amazing experiences I had along with other backpackers in an overnight camping tour.

Experience a Nomadic Adventure in a Desert Night

1. Beginning of the Trip

The overnight trip to the dunes begins with a pickup from the predesignated spot. We had a pickup in a land cruiser by a skilled driver. The licensed professional from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provides pickup and drop-off services at the starting time of the tour. They also offer a bus service in which you get a chance to socialize with other travelers as well. Or go for a self-drive package in which free parking spaces are a lot to the guests.  But if you’re willing to be picked via 4X4 vehicle, then you can also be picked from your doorstep. These services depend on your package selection or desire.

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2. Dune Bashing in Terrain Vehicles

Dune bashing is an exclusive terrain activity. The furious SUVs remain steady at the dune arena for enthralling rides. These include hummers, land rovers, land cruisers, wrangler jeeps, and dune buggies. These terrain vehicles are supplied with safety kits and the skilled drivers know how to tackle any emergency situation. The vehicles used for dune bashing were insured and roll-caged. Where all safety equipment was perfectly loaded to ensure our safety.

We had a gripping dune bashing session across the dunes in a Nissan Patrol. The guide from Happy Adventures Tourism was accompanying us in the meantime. A typical dune bashing session is of fifteen minutes and can be extended to half an hour depending upon the itinerary.

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3. Camel Safari

Camel riding is an exotic voyage that is the hallmark of Arabia. Take a wonderful ride to the diversities of the desert from over the camel’s hump. Discover how the epic travelers of times used to cover miles by riding their camels. Meanwhile, you can explore the whole terrain to finally encounter the unseen! The exquisite flora and fauna of the barren may shop during a camel safari. Get your camera ready before a gazelle comes up and hops back upon seeing you coming.

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4. Barbecue and Buffet

The buffet started in the middle of the live entertainment shows, where there were special arrangements for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Where vegetarian food was served inside the Bedouin camp while non-vegetarian food such as live BBQ. The Arabian savory was presented on the buffet station with tempting appetizers. Consume flavorful bites of the barbecue and veggies. Highlights of other mouth-watering food items include lamb kebabs, lentil soup, and dishes of the subcontinent. International cuisines are also presented on the buffet which includes Italian and Chinese food as well. We were offered refreshing drinks along with snacks as starters. The hosts presented us Arabian coffee along with dates, as a gesture of hospitality. It was worth cherishing!

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5. Entrancing Dance Depiction

The desert safari guests from all over the globe are gathered as its cheerful audience. The live entertainment gala lightens up the barren with its colorful fluorescence. Be the charismatic audience and scream on every astounding dance move of the Arabian artists. There were 7 live entertainment shows performed in the Bedouin camp. Where 2 belly dancing shows, 2 LED & Classic Tanoura Shows, 1 thrilling fire show. Which were performed by international artists. They opened the buffet dinner so we could enjoy the shows while having the delicious dinner at the same time.

There is a beautiful depiction of Tanoura dance. In this, the dervishes perform spinning moves to show how they practice spiritual enlightenment. Then there is a fire dance depicted by the dauntless stuntmen. Belly dancers show their striking moves in colorful ensembles to amuse the audience. All these stunning dance performances can be seen exclusively only in an evening or overnight desert safari.

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6. Spot the Shooting Stars

A backpacker’s heaven lies in being a nomad and getting visuals of nature’s exquisite masterpieces. We were quite excited about pitching our tents in the dune arena. For this, team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us with all the camping essentials. We installed sleeping bags, rugs, and blankets in our little tents and braced ourselves for a sleepless night. One-third of the night was spent capturing the milky way and chit chatting with friends. We also listened to folk Arabian stories by the Bedouins. To ensure our comfortable sleep under the canopy of stars, there sleeping bags were way soft. Where next morning we captured some beautiful sunrise views and grabbed some scrumptious breakfast with tea and Arabian coffee. After breakfast, we were dropped safely at our place where we were picked.

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A night escape to the conservation reserve of Dubai is beyond amazing than one could imagine lying on a couch. The succulent dinner, ultra-thrills, marvel galaxies, and entertainment fest are the highlights of an outlandish night out in the Arabian terrain. 

All the fascinating activities can be enjoyed at their extreme only if you are able to wander around recklessly. Reliable tour operators like that of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC are the saviors in this regard. Whether it’s about having staggering snaps, or a matter of quality service, finding promising hosts is crucial to find. Get promising and energetic travel partners and make your epic trip in Dubaimore heart-stirring!


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