Best Things to Splurge on When Visiting Abu Dhabi’s Theme Parks

Theme park tickets usually cost such a fortune that spending more money during your visit might be the last thing you want to do.

However, there are several things at a theme park worth splurging on since they can elevate your experience and make your visit here more enjoyable.

These include tickets for a ladies’ night in Abu Dhabi, annual passes, food, souvenirs, and preferred parking.

When you spend a bit more money on these theme park essentials, services, and amenities, you can have a more memorable and fun time at your choice of theme park in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Theme Parks

What to Splurge On During Your Theme Park Visits

On your next visit to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, and other theme parks in this emirate, consider splurging on the following for an unforgettable and extraordinary experience:

1. Special events

Certain events that happen only once or twice a year at a theme park are always worth the splurge.

For instance, buying tickets for ladies’ night is a great idea if you want to go to an amusement park with your girlfriends. You and your friends can explore the park and try all the rides and attractions with a smaller crowd since only women are allowed as guests.

Additionally, you and your girlfriends can enjoy incredible shows and live entertainment that you won’t otherwise get the chance to watch on regular days.

If you want to give your child a special treat, consider throwing them a birthday party at a theme park. It will be a celebration they will truly enjoy and all the guests will remember.

Many theme parks also have events based on the season. If you love winter, most amusement parks transform their amenities or certain parts of their land into snowy wonderlands perfect for various wintertime activities and Instagram-worthy photos.

Although tickets for these events may sometimes be more expensive, they are worth the additional cost since you’ll be part of something designed to be fun, memorable, and special.

2. Annual passes

If you’re a huge fan of theme parks and love going to your favorite ones repeatedly with your family or friends, buying annual passes is a great idea and worth the splurge.

Although you’ll shell out more for annual passes, the advantages of buying them make them more cost-efficient in the long run.

With an annual pass, you can have unlimited admission to your choice of theme park for 12 months. You can go anytime and as many times to the park as you want in one year.

Yas Island also offers annual passes to all theme parks here. You can have limitless entry to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, three of the most popular destinations in the city.

The top-tier Yas Island annual pass can give you a quick pass to some of the popular rides and attractions in these theme parks. Because of this, you can skip the long lines and spend more time enjoying your visit to a park.

Lastly, annual passes offer other advantages too good to pass up, such as preferred parking privileges and discounts on event tickets, hotel stays, and restaurants.

3. Hotel stay

Whether you’re living in or visiting Abu Dhabi, give yourself a treat when you go to a theme park by staying at the on-site or nearby hotel.

Staying at the on-site or nearby hotel allows you to skip the drive or commute you need to get to the amusement park. You can arrive as early and leave as late as you want without worrying about getting home.

And whether you’re on a vacation or staycation, you can enjoy all the amenities and services the hotel offers. You can use the pool and spa, dine at the in-house restaurants, and get room service.

These amenities and services can elevate your entire experience and allow you to treat and pamper yourself.

4. Food

Visiting a theme park won’t be complete without indulging in the variety of food items available here.

Sample the goodies you can find at the food trucks, stalls, and carts around the park. Give in to your cravings for burgers, hotdogs, pizza, and chips.

Quench your thirst with a soda, milkshake, and other beverages you can find in the park as well.

It is also worth splurging for a meal at one of the restaurants inside the theme park. You can enjoy great food in an amazing place and get a lovely break in the middle of the day.

Whether you’re eating at an al fresco dining area or inside a restaurant, treat yourself and your companions to ice cream, pies, and your choice of dessert to end your meal.

If you need a pick-me-up, you can choose among various types of hot and cold coffee and tea.

Whatever you’re craving, you can and should indulge in them at the theme park.

5. Additional amenities

Theme parks have several amenities that aren’t free but can let you and your group experience a higher level of convenience and comfort.

For instance, you can rent a locker to store your bags and other belongings so that you won’t be encumbered by them as you explore the park.

Hiring a cabana is also worth the splurge when you’re visiting a waterpark. After going on the highest waterslide and other exciting slides and rides, you can take a break and relax at one of the private cabanas.

You can even have your snacks, beverages, and meals delivered to your cabana, where you can enjoy them in private.

To know about the other facilities and services you can shell out for to experience more comfort and convenience, check the website of the theme park you are visiting in advance.

6. Shopping

Lastly, keep mementos of your visit to any theme park by splurging on some souvenirs.

Take your pick among shirts, hats, mugs, magnets, pens, keychains, and other collectibles that catch your eye. Some theme parks also sell jewelry and other accessories that you can wear whenever you go out.

Some amusement parks sell sweets and other food items that you can hand out as presents to your family and friends.

Theme park souvenirs also make the perfect gifts if you’re thinking of giving your family and friends keepsakes from your vacation.

The next time you’re planning a visit to a theme park, think about splurging on these amenities and services to have a more enjoyable and memorable experience.


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