How To Plan Your Next Trip To Bali

Bali is a dreamy travel destination, ranking top among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. According to one statistical report, 6.3million international tourists visit the Indonesian island annually.

Trip To Bali

The island has plenty to offer regardless of whether you are going on a solo trip, group trip, luxury travel, backpacking, family vacation, or honeymoon. Even if you are a digital nomad then Bali is the perfect location for remote workers. You can search for remote work and travel programs online in order to travel and work remotely while being a part of a like minded community and having local experiences. You can indulge in its magical beaches, deep historical heritage, spiritual culture, panoramic landscapes, and burgeoning food scenes.

Therefore, a proper itinerary is vital in helping you explore the activity-packed island. Below are tips on planning the most fulfilling and memorable Bali adventure.

Identify The Destinations You Would Like To Visit

Bali constitutes tens of resort villages, beaches, and geographical and historical sites worth visiting. Therefore, you will have to narrow down your preferred Balinese destination unless you have accumulated months of vacation days and have the financial wherewithal to stay in Bali indefinitely.

Each destination has unique characteristics that make it ideal for specific vacation activities. For instance, Canggu, a village resort on the island, is perfect for experiential tourism as it hosts multiple local villages and small-scale businesses. The businesses sell extraordinary local finds, including souvenirs like red Bali, a potent, local elixir popular for its outstanding therapeutic effects. 

However, if luxe travel is more up your alley, luxurious resort areas like Seminyak and Nusa Dua are better for you. They host world-class luxury hotels, eateries, and less-crowded beaches and are popular for their thriving nightlife. On the other hand, thrill-seekers can visit Munduk, a less touristy area of Bali that hosts magnificent mountain sceneries, lush jungles, and waterfalls. The region is ideal for hiking and rafting. If you want to have really amazing experience at Bali and want to settle here, consider best international moving companies.

Moreover, you can also visit Ubud, a cultural hub that hosts ancient and holy sites,  including temples and shrines. Therefore, identify the Bali regions that best meet your needs and consider tailoring your itinerary to your preferred areas. Depending on your vacation’s length, you can spend a specific number of days in each destination.

If you are thinking of bringing home souvenirs, your best bet is the souvenir market at Sukowati, where you may be overwhelmed by choice.

Most of the starred hotels are located near the beach. Some even have their own private spots at certain beaches, where you can splurge on exclusive privilege. You can find them easily at popular spots like Kuta, Sanur, and Seminyak.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Establish The Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali may be beautiful all year round but is more suitable for exploration and other touristic activities during specific times of the year. The Indonesian island’s weather is a mixture of sunny and heavy rain with high humidity. Moreover, each season impacts the island’s tourism sector, affecting visitor volume and accommodation prices.

July to August is the peak tourism season in Bali because the months feature dry weather that accommodates beach activities and the water sports for which the island is famous. Moreover, the period is also the national school holiday in Bali, meaning local tourist numbers also rise. While peak season in Bali is fantastic, it’s expensive because the accommodation, food, and activity prices rise with demand.

On the other hand, the island’s low season prevails between the wet and humid months, November to March. According to one report, forests account for 21% of the island’s total surface area, attracting 280mm-350mm of rain during the wet season. Such heavy rain limits the activities you can enjoy, although survivalists may savor the challenge.

However, you can opt to visit Bali during the shoulder season, which falls smack in the middle of the wet season and peak season. The shoulder season occurs in April, May, and September and has more pleasant weather and less tourist traffic. Moreover, travel and accommodation prices also fall during the shoulder season, yet beaches and social amenities are less crowded.

Identify Suitable Accommodation

Bali’s booming tourism industry means the island has diverse visitor accommodation options, including five-star hotels and resorts, family resorts, private villas, boutique hotels, and BnB homes. However, the high volume of tourists visiting the island means accommodation can run out fast, especially during peak season.

Staying in an unideal environment can dampen our holiday, so consider pre-booking your Bali trip accommodation. Pre-booking allows you to create a checklist of the amenities you desire within an establishment providing accommodation. 

Second, pre-booking also allows you to read reviews on the establishment and the neighborhood within which it is situated. Therefore, you can find the ideal accommodation within a neighborhood with the perfect environment and salient features.

Suitable Accommodation

Apply For A Visa And Other Entry Requirements

The Indonesian Government allows some nationalities visa-free entry into the country, while others have to apply for a visa. Moreover, some nationalities can apply for a Balinese visa online, while others must apply for a paper visa from the nearest Indonesian consulate. Therefore, research Bali visa application guidelines and start the process way in advance to ensure your visa is ready before your planned vacation date.

Get Recommended Vaccines and Travel Insurance

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health requires that all local and foreign individuals entering the country present a physical or digital COVID-19 vaccination card/certificate. The Card should show that the individual received the vaccination within the last 14days before arriving in Bali.

Besides COVID-19, getting routine vaccines and selectively advised vaccines like Hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, and typhoid is also essential. Moreover, although Bali is safe, consider getting travel insurance to cushion you against unprecedented events like petty theft and injuries that incur hospital bills. 

Suitable Accommodation

Book Your Flight

Experts recommend booking your flight to Bali at least three weeks in advance because ticket prices increase dramatically at the last minute. Moreover, consider using trusted flight search engines and flight finders for affordable deals.


Bali is a dream travel destination offering authenticity in every aspect. However, planning your trip will ensure hiccup-free travel and allow you to indulge in the Balinese experience, so follow the tips above to have a memorable vacation in Bali. It will definitely make your next trip unforgettable.


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