5 Ways To Attach Roof Top Tent To A Car

Roof Top Tent

A roof top tent is one of the most important things to take with you if you travel by road. Whether it’s a hard-shell or soft-shell tent, the amount of comfort they provide cannot be overstated. 

Roof top tents also help to provide a good view of the surrounding, adding to the adventure. They are also straightforward to set, highly comfortable, and built for all kinds of weather. 

Roof top tents provide the luxury of camping anywhere you want, as long as you can park your car at the location. This makes them essential for traveling solo long distances or for small families that love road trips.


Five Ways to Attach Roof Top Tent to a Car


Attach Roof Top Tent

A roof top tent is usually very easy to attach to the roof of your car and can be quickly done. It takes an average of three to four minutes to secure your roof top tent. They also come in different styles and are of different brands. These factors sometimes determine how to attach them to your car; however, there are general rules to follow when connecting them.

1. Know Your Car and Equipment

It is essential to plan before starting to install the rooftop tent on your car. You can start by knowing your car. Examine your vehicle's owner manual to ensure the size and weight of the tent you can mount. Most rooftop tents available in the market weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. You should ensure that your rooftop tent does not exceed the maximum weight recommended for your car. You should also empty the tent as some tents have special tools.

Moreover, it is critical to get all the necessary tools ready. Some tools you might need to mount your rooftop tent include wrenches and screwdrivers. Also, consider what rooftop model you will be mounting, as some devices are model specific. You may also require an extra pair of hands, or two, to place the rooftop tent on your car. 

Finally, use an area with an expansive workspace when placing the rooftop tent in your car. This ensures you have enough space to put all you need in place.

2. Roof Top Rack

Your rooftop rack or roof rack serves more than one purpose. One purpose is that they serve as an additional space for bikes and luggage. Besides, they also act as a point of attachment for your rooftop tent. 

There are different type of roof racks available on, including raised side rails, flush side rails, gutters, fixed mounting points, track mount systems, and factory or optional crossbars.

It is essential to check how much weight your rooftop rack can bear before mounting your rooftop tent. Typically, roof racks are designed to handle more static weight than dynamic weight.

This simply means that if your roof rack can hold a rack when your car is on the move, it can most likely bear the weight with you when it is parked.


3. Check for Accessories

Roof top tents usually come with added accessories. For instance, a supporting ladder is included with most rooftop tents on the market. This serves as a pathway inside your rooftop tent and as structural support for the overhanging portion. 

Remember to check for these accessories so that they can be fixed appropriately. The accessories for attaching the ladder, usually bolts and washers, can be found in the box in which your rooftop tent came.

Roof top tents

4. Slide-in and Clamp

Typically, you can place your rooftop tent or slide it in place. You can check the user’s manual to confirm the appropriate direction to do this. After setting the rooftop tent in a desirable location on your rooftop rack, you need to clamp it down with a U-Bolt or Universal Clamp. 

You should confirm that the clamps you are getting meet your roof rack system specifications. It is easy to acquire the proper fit if the supplied bolts or clamps are too tiny or bigger than necessary. Besides, fixing the bolt or universal clamp is also very easy.

5. Inspect Your Roof Top Tent


Inspect Your Roof Top Tent

The most prominent mistake people often make is to set up the ladder incorrectly, which is always followed by structural issues. When building your rooftop tent, remember that the ladder is more than just a way for you to access the roof; it also serves as some form of support for the entire structure. Therefore, ensure it is on solid ground and distributed evenly, as this helps make it as stable as possible.


A rooftop tent is a vital tool for travellers and couples that love road trips. They help to provide comfort while protecting you from the weather elements. Attaching your rooftop tent to the top of your car is very easy and requires little to no expertise. Knowing how much weight your rooftop rack can handle is vital as it helps to know the size and type of rooftop tent to buy. Remember to clamp the rooftop tent and attach accessories like the ladder appropriately.


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