How To Get Ravishing Nails- Here Are 5 Ways

Most people view nail care routines as a primarily cosmetic activity because well-maintained, ravishing nails give your hands a lustrous, youthful appearance. However, routine nail care is also good for your health, enhancing blood circulation to the nail bed and preventing skin and nail infections. 

Ravishing Nails

Additionally, one expert review posits that your nails’ status’ reflects your overall health. Healthy nails are smooth (no groves), have an even soft pink color, have full cuticles, and feature a semi-circular shape at the base. Therefore, add the simple tips below to your nail care routine and keep your nails looking gorgeous and healthy.

1. Try A Gel Polish Manicure

A manicure is one way to keep your nails looking gorgeous, and the gel manicure is the best treatment for your nails. Gel nail kits are available in multiple color options, from classic, clean shades like pale pink and everything within the nude color spectrum to bold, youthful shades like the neon blue aesthetic.  Second, gel manicure sets are available in different shines, from glossy to matte finish.

While most people agree that a gel polish manicure is a must-do for aesthetics and to express your personality, the unique nail polish has unique features that support healthy nails. First, the gel nail polish coat forms a protective barrier between your nails and potentially harmful environmental elements.

Your nails may look tough but are fragile and vulnerable to environmental elements. Everything you touch, from water, food, and substances with chemical ingredients, leaves your nails vulnerable to drying out, becoming brittle, or possible infections.

Unlike traditional nail polish that dries out when exposed to air, causing it to peel and chip, gel nail polish undergoes a curing process entailing exposure to UV light. Gel nail polish contains compounds that adhere to the nail surface during the curing process rather than drying out.

Also, unlike acrylic nails which are stiff and could damage your nails during an accident, gel nails are flexible. Gel nail polish contains plasticizer, a synthetic substance that promotes flexibility while inhibiting brittleness; it also holds color. Therefore, gel nails look and feel more natural than other nail treatments. 

Although a gel manicure costs a pretty penny, it outlasts regular nail polish, remaining intact for approximately four weeks. Therefore, your nails remain protected from environmental elements for at least four weeks. 

Gel Polish Manicure

2. Moisturize Your Nails

Washing your hands regularly with soap and water or cleansing them with alcohol-based hand sanitizers protects you from disease-causing germs. However, the same action strips your nails and cuticles of moisture, leaving them vulnerable.

Your fingernails dry out and become brittle when they lack adequate moisture content. Brittle nails shrink, become rigid, split, and flake, turning into an eye sore that gives a poor impression. According to one study, 20% of the general population has brittle nails, although cases are higher in women above 50.

Your nail bed needs an optimum moisture concentration to produce healthy cells that grow into strong, healthy, fabulous-looking nails. While you cannot go without washing, drying, or cleansing your hands, you can mitigate the drying effect by moisturizing your nails and cuticles at least once daily.

Consider using emollient products like essential oils or any other topical moisturizer; emollients reduce the rate at which the nail bed loses water. Besides emollients, keratolytic products like alpha hydroxy acid, urea, and lactic acid go beyond preventing moisture loss and help restructure the nail by eliminating the shrunken nail cells. 

3. Wear Rubber Gloves When Performing Chores

While inadequate moisture causes the nail bed to shrink, excess water leaves it vulnerable to water-borne nail infections. Such infections occur when bacteria and fungi enter an exposed nail bed. 

Therefore, besides moisturizing your nails and cuticles, you must maintain an optimum moisture level in the nail bed. You can maintain an optimum nail bed moisture level by wearing rubble gloves when performing chores that entail immersing your hands in water. Besides excessive moisture, rubber gloves protect your nails from chemical ingredients and extreme temperature changes that can cause brittle nails.

Rubber Gloves

4. Nourish Your Nails

As earlier stated, your nails are a reflection of the state of affairs in your body. Although brittle, shabby-looking nails could be the side effect of health conditions like psoriasis, they may also have a simple explanation, like poor nutrition. 

Your nails need nutrients like biotin (B vitamins), selenium, and vitamin C to grow strong, healthy, and beautiful. Therefore, consider adding the above nutrients to your diet or taking dietary supplements; you can consult a dermatologist about the ideal dietary supplements for healthy nails. Also, rubbing your nails with nutrient-filled home remedies like orange juice, lemon juice, coconut oil, olive oil, an eggshell mask, and honey helps you grow gorgeous fingernails.

5. Clean, Trim and File Your Nails Regularly

Unkempt nails are off-putting and give the impression that you ignore details. Therefore, keep your nails looking ravishing by regularly cleaning, trimming, and filing them. Cut nails are less likely to carry germs while filing your nails prevents breakage and preserves the ideal shape and length for beautiful, well-manicured nails.


File Your Nails Regularly


Nail care is essential because besides being aesthetically pleasing and creating a good impression, gorgeous, nails are healthy. Therefore, follow the tips above to grow ravishing, healthy nails that will give you a youthful look.


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