4 Ideas for an Epic Road Trip

Road trips can make for some of the most unforgettable getaways. Just be careful that your journey sticks in people's minds for the right reasons. These suggestions will help you avoid boredom, stop disagreements, and stay safe whether you're driving a short distance or doing an epic cross-country adventure. 

Road Trip

Decide on Where You’ll be Making Rest Stops

Road trips can be a fun way to get to your destination, but time spent driving behind the wheel is also extremely tiring over long periods. You’ll want to plan to make a few pit stops along the route and recharge those batteries. If you will be making pit stops at places closer to nature, or at a place that has no accommodations, then you’ll want to pack something to sleep in that will keep you and your trip buddies dry and comfortable in those conditions. While camping in a regular tent is always an option, it may not always be practical to carry a bulky tent around with you. Why not check out the pros and cons of roof top tents and potentially save space in the vehicle?

Set Up Your Music Playlist

It's dangerous to play with your phone while behind the wheel, and it might ruin the mood of a peaceful trip when an embarrassing tune plays for your car mates. You'll also inevitably pass through some locations without cell or radio signal. Keeping a few songs and sets saved in advance can prevent any awkward pauses in this situation. If you find yourself in a scenario where there is no other entertainment available, playing fun and upbeat tunes can maintain the energy level and keep everyone in a good headspace. Even your favorite music can eventually become stale, so try playing a podcast to break up the monotony. 

See the Sights and Don’t Be Afraid of Detours!

Keep in mind that the true thrill of traveling lies in the actual journey and who you spend your time with. If you plan carefully, you could fondly look back and remember your trip there as well as the misadventures you had along the way. Keeping this in mind, be sure to rest and relax whenever it's practical in order to explore, have fun, and take in your surroundings. Identify any interesting routes that may be accessible while on your journey and consider a deviation to explore a few of them. Think about taking a few unplanned detours, just make sure you can find your way to your intended destination and enjoy the experiences that follow. 

Record the Journey Through Social Media

On a road trip, the majority of passengers will always have their phones or cameras with them. This presents an ideal opportunity to document your journey and all the incredible experiences you'll encounter from multiple perspectives. While you shouldn't be glued to your phone all the time, there's no denying that social networking offers another choice for on-the-road entertainment. Consider setting up separate Facebook and Instagram pages for your activities to keep a journal of your efforts, share images, and create brief narratives about your adventures. Then family members, friends, and even potential friends could find out what you're doing. You never know, you may find yourself gaining a sizable audience along the way. 

One of the best ways to travel and experience a new, or even a familiar, location is by taking a road trip. A good road trip may be thrilling, but if you haven't put in the time to plan it out, it could also prove to be quite stressful. So, plan your trip wisely and make the most of your time on the road! 


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