5 Tips for Planning a Perfect Golf Weekend

A golf weekend with your close friends is one of the most relaxing social experiences when it is done right. So, what does that look like? The perfect venue? Or luxury amenities? Regardless of where you go or who you go with, the goal is to enjoy the time from start to finish and make sure things go as smoothly as possible with an absence of roadblocks. With that in mind, here are five tips for planning the perfect golf weekend. 

Perfect Golf Weekend

Research Resorts

Should you look into the place you stay? Some people take recommendations as golden advice and go ahead to the booking stage without doing their own research. This method is not recommended as everyone’s taste varies, therefore what your friend enjoys may not sync up with your needs or desires. Before you spend money or agree to book a resort or a pitch, check it out with your own eyes. Read up, verify reviews, and go and visit it, if possible — just don’t go in blind. Make sure the resort meets your expectations in the following areas. 


Activity offerings


Group sizes


Number of courses

Get Your Gear in Order

If you are a golfing regular, it is likely that your equipment will be well maintained. However, not everyone plays every weekend and, therefore, it might be time for some updates or similar. Golf carts break all the time and just like cars, they need fixing up. For tips on what breaks the most and how to ensure proper maintenance before your big weekend away, read through the linked guidance. You don’t want the weekend to be ruined by faulty carts and subpar balls. 

Plan Your Sessions

For any time away from the house, planning is vital. There are so many things to be packed, different considerations to make and people to organize that the option of just winging it is not really sustainable. When it comes to daytime activities, you will have to plan ahead. Courses need to be booked, sometimes equipment needs to be hired and things like lunch sessions often require reservations at the bigger resorts. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, try and factor in all the desired activities beforehand to avoid having to compromise on experiences. 

Plan Your Evenings

Similarly, evenings also need to be factored into the wider scope of considerations. Sometimes, venturing outside of the resort, especially if it is further away from home than usual, is a fun, cultural experience that you can share with the group. Regardless of the choice in activity, it needs booking in and probably reserving before you get there. Where there are larger groups, there may be various ideas floating around so a group chat or similar can help collaborate the thought process and present a variety of options to shape your time. 

Make Peace with Some Turbulence

Things don’t always go to plan. There is a unique frustration to booking a golf weekend only to discover upon arrival that it is forecast terrible weather conditions for the duration. But there is nothing you can control about the weather. Even if you don’t get to golf as a primary focus, there are other activities to be found. So, while you can’t plan for everything, it’s a safe idea to have some alternative provisions in place should the worst occur. 

Planning the perfect weekend away is almost as fun as the weekend itself. Golfing has so much potential for entertainment and is a special way to strengthen your friendships and bond too. Make your time away the best it can be by planning ahead and working together. 


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