Ten Things You Get By Booking An Air India Flight Ticket

There is no doubt that Air India is an exceptionally good airline. As the flag carrier of India, Air India is one of the major airlines in the world. It is also a member of Star Alliance, which is one of the three largest airline alliances in the whole world. Air India brings the best services to all the passengers. Be it on the ground or in flight, the level of service that they offer is of the highest standard. 

Air India Flight Ticket

Booking an Air India flight ticket might not be the cheapest, but the facilities that they offer make the price worth it. If you are still unsure whether you want to book an Air India flight ticket or not, here is a list of amenities by Air India, that will change your mind in an instance.

State of the art entertainment system: The entertainment system on your flight is of the utmost importance, especially when the distance is too much. As you can easily get super bored on your flight, the entertainment system will be your best companion. The entertainment system on Air India flights, right from the high definition screens to the extensive library and high-quality headphones, is a treat for all the passengers. 

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High-quality amenity kits: If you are an aviation aficionado, then you must know how important amenity kits are. Even if you are not one, you will surely be able to appreciate a nice amenity kit. The Khadi amenity kits on Air India flights are absolutely amazing. The quality of the products that you get is exceptional, and the kit looks very stylish. You can take these complimentary amenity kits with you as a token of the airline's appreciation for you.

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Fabulous lounge experience: As a member of the Star Alliance, Air India offers passengers a fantastic lounge experience. Passengers in all cabin classes can access the lounge. However, passengers in the Economy Class will need to pay some fee to access the lounge. The services that you get at the lounges will ensure that you welcome layovers instead of dreading them. No matter the duration of your flight, you will be able to relax for a bit when you fly with Air India.

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Fine dining experience: Food is also an important part of your flight. Air India makes sure that passengers are served the best quality food. They maintain a high level of hygiene and bring fresh ingredients to the table. Passengers also get to choose their meal, in case they have any special meal preferences. Depending on the route of the flight, passengers are also offered local meal options. They also have special food options for kids, so you can fly with your children comfortably.

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Web check in service: The web check in service by Air India is hands down the most amazing service that they offer. No one wants to start their journey by standing in a long line at the airport. That is when the web check in is helpful. You can simply check in for your flight via the Ai India website and get your boarding pass in advance. In this way, you can be ready for your flight in advance. You won't need to stand in a queue or reach the airport way too early for your liking.

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Generous baggage policy: The baggage policy for your flight is important when you are flying to a faraway destination. It can be hard to pick and choose what to take and what to leave. But with the generous baggage allowance that Air India offers all passengers, you will not have to worry about making that choice. You can just shop as much as you like because the baggage allowance you get with Air India is superb.

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Attentive cabin service: Air India has always been known for its hospitality. The staff is extremely warm and welcoming towards all passengers. Be it the ground staff or the cabin crew, you will enjoy diligent service from Air India. The staff is attentive towards passengers in all cabin classes, and they do their best to ensure that passengers get everything they need and fly comfortably.

Spacious and comfortable seating: Comfortable seats can make all the difference when it comes to flying. Air India understands this well, and they have designed their seats with the utmost care for their passengers' comfort. The seats in all the cabin classes are spacious and have a good amount of legroom to stretch their legs. Passengers can also recline their seats and relax. Taking a nap on Air India flights is a supremely comfortable experience for passengers in all the cabin classes.

Duty-free shopping option: Why wait till you reach your destination to start shopping when you can start on the flight itself? Air India also offers duty-free shopping options to all the passengers. The high definition entertainment screen also has a duty free shop option. Here, passengers can access the duty-free shop and purchase whatever they want. The variety of things available in the Air India duty-free shop is great. You can easily purchase anything from perfumes to clothes to jewelry here.

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Frequent flyer program rewards: As a member of the Star Alliance, a major airline alliance in the world, Air India has a wonderful frequent flyer program for passengers. Becoming a member of this reward program is highly recommended, as you can earn points that can be redeemed for discounts, upgrades, and free tickets. The best part about this reward program is that the points you earn with them can also be redeemed to get discounts, upgrades, and free tickets with other partner airlines. Your Air India flight ticket allows you to fly at a budget-friendly price.

These top of the line services should be enough reason for anyone to book their Air India flight ticket and embark on their next big adventure. Whether you are flying long haul or short haul, Air India will make your journey extremely comfortable, and you will surely have a great time with your family and friends.

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