Your Guide To Wedding Hats And Fascinators To Create A Sensation

Hats are the fashion items that you never knew you needed. Weddings are perfect opportunities to get dressed up and add that unique occasion hat you want, especially if you are the bride's mother. But at the same juncture, there is a limited obligation to accessorize your outfit with a hat; after all, it is only an accessory, not a necessity.  

With that stated, if you are here, there is a possibility of you wondering if a hat would add spark to your outfit! Below are a few things that can help you choose the best occasion hat for yourself or to help you decide whether fascinators are for you, and more. 

wedding hats and fascinators

Hat or no hat? 

The first and foremost aspect of donning a hat is deciding whether the idea itself is appealing or not. There is no pressure if you don't feel tempted to wear a hat to your daughter's special day. To follow tradition, you must remain uncomfortable. It is easy to be overwhelmed when wearing a hat if you are wearing it for the wrong reasons. 

However, if adding a hat to your outfit is an appealing idea, you can take a piece of advice to make the entire "hat or no hat" process easier for you! 

Another thing to keep in mind is to opt for one statement piece at a time. Either your dress garners attention or your hat; both are not an option. If you wear a printed outfit, or your outfit's color is unique, adding headwear from the shelf is fashionably incorrect. Thus, if your outfit is the piece that stands out, you would require careful planning for the kind of headwear you wish to don. 

Further, wearing a hat should be an option considering your daughter's wedding venue and the dress code. If the wedding is ornate and more relaxed, a cap may not be as appropriate. However, if the wedding is a daytime event and more formal, wearing a headpiece is necessary. 

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Hat styles 

If you are skeptical of the style, you should opt for the best way to research it. Search the internet for possible style ideas, understand what hat styles complement your face shape, what may be occasion appropriate. With a wide variety of available choices, you should select a hat that helps you feel comfortable as well as confident.

Plenty of elements need consideration when it comes to the hat styles of the bride's mother. But two factors require utmost focus, the brim, and the crown.   

Full brimmed hats are perfect for people that have fuller figures. But it should be avoided with petite figures, as sometimes it may give a dwarfing effect. 

But if you are short and want to give an elongating effect to your figure, you can opt for upturned brims or hats with taller crowns. 

Comparatively, overturned brims with temporary crowns are perfect for people who do not require an illusion to their heights.

Women's cowboy hats can also be a perfect choice for your daughter's big day. When selecting one for the occasion, you can choose one with colorful hatbands, and some jewelry adorned. The cowboy hat has wider brims and high crowns. Traditionally the ribbon on the hatband is tied on the right side.  

But remember, while you decide on the style of your hat, you also need to look perfect and remain confident. A hat well-chosen should help you feel fantastic about yourself!  

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Hat colors 

When selecting the color of your hat, avoid overmatching it with other accessories. However, matching your hat with your outfit is a good idea. But make sure that you check it in natural lighting to avoid color differences. 


If the thought of donning a hat is still not convincing, you can opt for fascinators to add a touch to your outfit. For most parts of the world, fascinators have become a conventional wedding staple worn by royalty but adopted by the rest of the world.   

However, a fascinator and its concepts can be challenging to grasp, as its form tends to differ from its functionality. Originally, fascinators were more straightforward and smaller in shapes, but they are much more elaborate and fancier in today's fashion world. 

If you want to opt for a fascinator to wear to your daughter's big day, you must also consider your hairstyle and outfit to match it. 

Your daughter's special day is a brilliant chance to wear occasion headwear. A lovely headpiece will not only elevate your outfit's appeal but also make you feel exceptional. Now that you get geared with all the information and advice that can help you choose the perfect headwear for a special occasion, have fun while you do it! Your choice will make or break your ensemble in the event. So, choose wisely. 


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