10 Best Places to visit in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

    Top 10 Nuwara Eliya places to visit in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka offers a scenic train ride through plantations and hills. Nuwara Eliya labelled "Little England," which is known for its colonial aura, as it is where the British rulers' leisure mansions were built. Its rugged landscape also exposes itself to a plethora of natural wonders. Nuwara Eliya is known for its laid-back atmosphere and pleasant weather and there are many Nuwara Eliya places to visit. It is one of Sri Lanka's most popular tourist destinations. The Sri Lanka packages allow appreciating the beauty of waterfalls and tea plantations when hiking to Sri Lanka's World's End. 

    best places to visit in Nuwara Eliya

    👉 1. Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

    Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

    The wonderful view of this golf club has a different charm and attraction for the global tourists, numerous people from different places especially the Americans showing strong willingness to visit this beautiful place located in Sri Lanka. Therefore, since this is a great attraction for Americans, the opportunity to facilitate the tourist that they can apply for Sri Lanka visa for US citizens and can enjoy the stunning view of Nuwara Eliya Golf Club in Sri Lanka.

    👉 2. Galway's Land National Park

    Galway's Land National Park

    Galway's Land is a thick forest and one of the newest and smallest National Parks. This is yet another must-see attraction in Sri Lanka. This park is located within the city limits of Sri Lanka's Nuwara Eliya. In the year 1938, this National Park was designated as a sanctuary. Aside from the avifauna, the park is home to a variety of valuable floral plants, both native and exotic. Ten Sri Lankan endemics, as well as wild boar, barking deer, and exotic birds, call the National Park home. Department of Wildlife Conservation, Havelock Rd, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka is the location of the national park.

    👉 3. St. Clairs Falls, Tawalantenne

    St. Clairs Falls, Tawalantenne

    Get away from the hustle and bustle of routine lifestyle, St. Clair Falls is an excellent option to visit in Sri Lanka. This is also known as Sri Lanka's Little Niagara. It is one of the most dangerous waterfalls in the country. It is a well-known Sri Lanka tourist attraction that entices a large number of visitors each year.

    👉 4. Devon Waterfall

    Devon Waterfall

    Devon Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya district. Devon Falls is a short distance from Thalawakele town and can be reached by taxi or tuk-tuk. Devon Falls, visible from Hatton, Nuwara Eliya's main road, also gets a closer look by walking about 1 km through the woods. The falls, which are part of the Kotmale River, cross a height of 97 metres. After enjoying the waterfall, treat yourself to a cup of tea at the Mlesna Tea Centre.

    👉 5. Hakgala Botanic Gardens

    Hakgala Botanic Gardens

    Hakgala Botanic Gardens is the place to see unusual plant and flower varieties. There's a lot to see here, so set aside a few hours to take it all in. Hakgala Botanical Gardens was established in 1861 and was originally used to experiment with crops such as tea. The Gardens are well-known for their eye-catching collections of orchids and roses, which are best enjoyed in Nuwara Eliya during the spring season (March-April).
    The Rock Garden, the Upper Flower Garden, the Arboretum, and the Bulb Garden are all worth visiting in Sri Lanka. 

    👉 6. Thotupola Kanda

    Thotupola Kanda

    At an elevation of 2357 metres, Thotupola Kanda is Sri Lanka's third-largest summit. Although it is located within Horton Plains National Park, many people overlook it as a worthwhile tourist attraction in Nuwara Eliya. A long trail that leads to the summit of the mountain is suitable for moderate to beginner hikers. The hike takes about 40 minutes to complete, and from the top, witness a great view of Horton Plains.

    👉 7. Seetha Amman Temple

    Seetha Amman Temple

    Seetha Amman Temple, or the Sita Temple, is one of the popular points of interest in Nuwara Eliya that shouldn't be missed in Sri Lanka. Situated at the highest of a hill, 1 km far away from the Hakgala Gardens. The holy temple is lavishly embellished with exquisite carvings and brightly coloured paintings. The Nuwara Eliya River flows by the temple, and able to notice some distinct footprints that are believed to be Hanuman's - the rescuer of Sita.

    👉 8. Mount Pidurutalagala

    Mount Pidurutalagala

    Mount Pidurutalagala, also known as Mount Pedro, is the island's tallest peak, standing at 2524 metres. It is encircled by a forest reserve, which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including many endangered species. While climbing the mountain is not allowed, you need to take a jeep ride with permission from the authorities. Piduruthalagala is best visited early in the morning when it is not too foggy. Sri Lanka provides the opportunity to embrace nature's beauty.

    👉 9. Holy Trinity Church

    Holy Trinity Church

    The construction of this Anglican church is thought to have begun in 1845 and took seven years to complete. It was then expanded in 1889 as a result of increased public support. The stained-glass window provided by Queen Elizabeth II is still on display at the Holy Trinity Church, which was designed to reflect the Canterbury Church of England. Stroll around the churchyard to see the tombstones of historical figures in Sri Lanka. 

    👉 10. Victoria Park

    Victoria Park

    Unwind in the shade of large trees, stroll through the park admiring its beauty, or enjoy a picnic with loved ones. There is a small museum with several photographs depicting how the old Nuwara Eliya town evolved into what it is today. The park is particularly lovely between March and May when the flowers are in full bloom, and August and September, when they are not. It's also a fantastic spot to see some unusual bird species in Sri Lanka. 

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