Top 5 Getaways From Bangkok For Perfect Weekends In Thailand

Getaways From Bangkok In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is one of the most famous tourist destinations on earth. There's about everything you're looking for in a tourist area. The population is rising by eight million in the central region of Thailand. But there is also a concrete jungle surrounding the area. Many of Bangkok's best places to visit are 4 or 5 hours out from town. While you might theoretically get to and from the beginning, perhaps you want to relax and enjoy yourself for a night or two. Thailand awaits to spark your hiking lust and motivate your love for travel from world-renown floating markets to track national parks. So check out some of the top weekend getaways from Bangkok and book your getaway with your loved ones right away! 

1. Hua Hin 

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is among one of the Prachuap Khiri Khan districts in Thailand and approx. 200 kilometres from Bangkok, or a 4-hour train journey. It has beautiful scenery and a new feeling with spectacular beaches. A popular night market means that there's so much to shop and there's no scarcity of anything. The cost of food is less than you can spend in Bangkok. The golf course is famous in Hua Hin, and has drawn top players for years and is one of the finest in Thailand. The Mrigadayavan Palace once was a retreat on Thai Royal Family beach, built on stilts which give a magnificent view of the vast garden complex. Hua Hin is the go-to place for kite surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

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2. Ayutthaya 


The old capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya, is just one hour from the present capital. Most buildings here in the architecture were constructed from 13th to 16th centuries, some of which existed prior to the foundation of Ayutthaya. The Khan Architecture has amazing prangs, fine carvings and eerie images, such as the depiction of the Buddha's head with fig roots. The several temples, monuments and museums can be experienced over the centuries of Thai history. Ayutthaya is home to some of the most magnificent temples in Thailand. Any of the least famous locations of the temple can also be found alone in archaeology. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and carry a bottle of water with hundreds of temples to visit on your list.

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3. Koh Larn 

Koh Larn

Koh Larn is a stunning place off the coast of Pattaya to experience a relaxing sunbathing and a surf. Tawaen Beach is the most popular and has many beaches. Koh Larn is significantly equivalent to Pattaya and promises beaches and sand finer than those of Koh Si Chang. The island is not undeveloped, so it's a comfortable environment. You can enjoy the sunset, stroll the hills and eat an exotic fresh seafood as you are wandering in the stunning coral reefs either snorkelling, sailing or swimming. Pattaya ferries take about an hour or you can slash travel time halfway and enjoy the change to a longtail.

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4. Pattaya 


Pattaya is a thrilling coastal town in the south of Thailand, situated near Rayong. Pattaya, which is situated close to the capital, is popular for its large beach resorts. A quaint small fishing village, once, was this vibrant and colourful community. The streets now have high-ranking houses, vivid neon lighting and hundreds of bars and restaurants in the west. You must see the highest Budde statue on the Wat Khao Phra Bat if you intend to visit Pattaya, bear witness to the peaceful existence of the shrine of the Truth, marvel at the gorgeous flowers in the Botanical Garden in Nong Nooch Tropical, and get stunned by its nightlife.

5. Kanchanaburi 


Kanchanaburi is a moderately fast fly from the hectic speed of Thai capital, situated west of Bangkok, at the convergence of three rivers. Take a thrilling and exciting day trip to Kanchanaburi, explore how the Death Railway was built and about the tens of thousands of missing lives. The waterfalls in the vicinity of the Erawan National Park make you forget how much Hollywood and History vary. Intend to cool off during the hiking in one of the turquoise ponds. Spare some time on your itinerary to explore the JEATH War Museum and discover more about this tragedy and pay compassion to the soldiers who have died in the war in the nearby cemetery.  Busses and minibuses are quite common as trains start from Thonburi Station on the Chao Phraya River in the northwestern corner of Bangkok. Bus and railway trains are also accessible from the city of Kanchanaburi.

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