4 Destinations In The US For Your Next Vacation

Work can become monotonous and tiring after a point; your daily routine can feel like a mindless repetition of chores. You might be trying to keep your mood elevated by engaging in hobbies, making new friends, or spending as much time with your family as possible, but it isn’t always enough. Sometimes the burden of being a responsible adult gets too much and leads to a bad case of burnout.

Next Vacation Destinations in US

You can’t be expected to just pull up your socks and power through it. You need a break. Nothing recharges the mind and body quite like the chance to get away for a while, see some pretty sights, experience a different culture, and know that you don’t need to wake up early for work in the morning. So you save up, you put in a request for vacation days, and you’re ready to leave your worries behind for a short time. The only question is, where do you go? Luckily, this guide has got you covered and will help you decide on the perfect place to make your home-away-from-home.

The mountains in Tennessee

Nothing quite matches the feeling of relaxation you get when you’re lost in nature. Whether you live in the USA or are visiting from another country, you should definitely try to visit the Smoky Mountains. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a romantic retreat, or a hiking trip with your college buddies, the Smokey Mountains are something for everyone.

You would be able to stay in some lovely Pigeon Forge cabins while exploring the various attractions. Some of the must-see places in the area are the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Dollywood festivals. You can do a pub crawl, explore the infamous underground sea, or have the one-of-a-kind experience of playing a prospector looking for gold. Of course, it offers some of the most breathtaking views in all of America, and well worth the trip.

Explore the Lakes

There has actually been scientific research on how water can help the body mellow out and calm the mind. Whether you prefer simply watching the waves crash or like to jump in the water to beat the summer heat, you need to check out Glacier National Park. It’s located on the border of Montana and Canada and houses some 700 lakes, a plethora of waterfalls, a dizzying array of hiking travels, and acres of lush, vibrant greenery and wildlife.

This is also the perfect place to visit if you’re a history buff. A long but scenic drive through the park would take you to the National Historic Landmark, which is considered an engineering marvel that offers spectacular views. During your stay here, you’d be able to take adobe in one of the many authentic lodges, chalets, and hotels constructed during the early 20th century by the great national railway. But be aware that entry into the park is limited through a ticket system, so you may need to book a place to stay well in advance to ensure you get a spot.

Go boating in Bar Harbour

The lakes aren’t the only water body that can help soothe your soul. Many travelers love going to Bar Harbour in Maine, which allows them the chance to enjoy angelic water views and running coastlines. One of the most common activities in this area is the chance to go boating and fishing, and it boasts some of the best whale-watching tours in the country.

As the saying goes, life is better in flip-flops. Even the most casual pictures of the region look like they’re taken straight out of an art gallery. Of course, you don’t want your vacation to be limited, so if you’ve had your fill of the water, you can easily venture towards Arcadia National Park for some lovely flora and fauna. It also features a variety of great dining options, particularly its finger-licking lobster dishes. This is a great way to get back to enjoying the simple things in life, such as going a long stroll, taking in some heavenly views, and ending the day with a hearty meal. If you’re trapped in a fast-paced city life that’s filled with deadlines, rattling subway noises, and the unpleasant smell of car exhaust, this is the place where you can truly recharge.

Switch up your city

While there is something undeniably peaceful about being in nature, that isn’t the only sort of vacation you can go on. Traveling to a different city can be quite an inspiring experience, especially if you’re looking for a change of pace. You could be an architecture buff or a cityscape photographer, and you’d have more fun in a bustling metropolis than in the woods. It would also give you a chance to go to museums, concerts, shows, and clubs that you can’t find in your hometown.

While New York seems like an obvious destination, it is often overcrowded with tourists and ridiculously expensive. Rather, a city you should go to is Boston. Along with gorgeous skylines, you’ll be able to visit several historical landmarks, such as the US’s first free municipal library, the first public subway, and more. You can visit the mansions on Beacon Hill, the Paul Revere House, and Faneuil Hall. Or you could head out to more modern attractions like the Museum of Fine Arts. You aren’t limited to the traditional tourist attractions either.

Boston has several fashionable and popular restaurants, welcoming urban parks, and modern museums for you to explore. It’s just a matter of where you choose to go, and in the end, you might find yourself planning a second visit before the trip is over.


Obviously, there are a lot of great places across the US that you could visit, whether you’re looking for a hike, the chance to go on a boat trip, or discover a new city. Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas of where to go the next time you take your two-week break. There is no joy quite like traveling, and if you plan it out well, you will come back feeling like a whole new person. Just pick a destination that matches your personality and offers enough attractions to stay busy. You might not be able to visit every place you want to, but better to leave wanting more than stay with nothing to do.


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