5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Customize

These days, any time you want to buy a product you have myriad options to choose from. There are always brands popping up with unique offerings — but at the same time, they’re aimed at a large audience. All of the choices in the world won’t necessarily meet your specific needs.

But custom products are a different story. Products designed with you in mind are always going to address your needs. And you’re worth the customization. Here are a few things you can get tailored to fit your requirements and yours alone.

1. Skin Treatments

The disposition of your skin depends heavily on a mix of genetic and personal factors — it’s individual to you. Without custom skincare, you’re left trying out product after product until you find something that might work against your acne. Fortunately, you can skip that entire process by getting an acne prescription online that is custom-tailored to your skin. Instead of experimenting with new, expensive over-the-counter treatments, this strikes the problem at its source.

Skin Treatments

Your prescription’s focus will be treating the type of acne you have, which can be one or more of many. On top of this, it will take your skin type and tone into account in order to help preserve them. The best part is that you don’t need to leave your home — you can get evaluated and prescribed online. You can have healthier, cleaner skin with much less effort and time taken to figure out the solution.

2. Hair Products

Along the same lines as skin treatment, you can purchase hair products that adequately fit your specific beauty goals. Prescriptions are less common for healthy hair, but you can easily find a business that customizes styling products. Hair texture and style vary widely among people, so it’s only natural that custom hair care can help you shine. Anything from shampoos and conditioners to oils and masks can be chemically composed to give your hair its ideal look.

Sadly, custom hair products can be quite expensive and are not widely available to anyone who wants or needs them. But affordable solutions for your hair type are still a possibility without them being fully customized. Plenty of brands cater to certain hair types and therefore have a smaller but more successful audience experience. While these products are not 100% guaranteed to work for you, they’re much more likely to work than one-size-fits-all products.

3. Makeup

Most of the time, you can find any color, tone, or shade of any makeup product you need quite easily. But that other small amount of time can be a struggle and feel alienating for people with different skin tones. This also goes for people that have allergies to common ingredients or sensory issues regarding any particular product. Luckily, you can get custom makeup of any kind in order to match your complexion and avoid skin irritation.

Foundation, lipstick, and perfume can all be customized. From look to texture to smell, you can make products that you’ll love. Custom products go a long way to help you become who you want to be. A custom perfume can become your signature scent. A perfect nude can easily be your go-to color. The added price of a product designed with you in mind is often worth the confidence boost that accompanies it. You can be uniquely you and still enjoy popular products.

4. Apparel

Despite the fact that clothing sizes in the U.S. are loosely standardized, those standards themselves are fairly arbitrary. Everybody has a different body type with different measurements, and each brand creates its products differently. For a perfectly sized item, one size doesn’t fit everyone — even if they are within the standard measurements. You could be considered a women’s medium in one brand, or even one garment, and a large in another.

That’s why custom-made clothing and tailoring services exist; they allow you to create items that are shaped to your body. Measurements aside, some brands are springing up to provide the opportunity to create your own clothes for stylistic purposes. Styles are also unique per person and no clothing line or creator will fully match the style of one person. Making or ordering custom clothes can help you show off your individuality.

5. Footwear

Similar to clothing size, footwear isn’t designed with individual people in mind. Shoes are made in set sizes, and people often shop a size up or down depending on brand. Physical support and comfort are more of a consideration when selling shoes, but each person can need a different level of support. Custom footwear can provide the support and structure you need. Customizations can be anything from the entire physical design to a simple prescription orthotic for maximum foot relief.

You could, for example, ask a customization company to use a different material in the sole or inner padding. You can also use a few larger brands’ websites to design your own color scheme online. This is particularly useful for creating shoes that match your style and color palette. The downside is that it can be very expensive versus searching for a pre-designed shoe with similar aesthetics.

These days product options have never been more diverse. Not many products need to be experimental purchases or good-enough solutions when you can effectively make your own. So dive into the world of customization for a bit more personal flair in your everyday life. Not only will it help you style yourself more authentically, but it might solve a health problem you otherwise couldn’t.


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