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Most Refreshing Vietnamese Salads


    Vietnamese salads are full of flavour, texture and colour - perfect for a light, refreshing meal. These salads are easy to make and are great for lunch or as a side-dish. Here are five delicious Vietnamese salads you can whip up quickly and easily.


    Deliciously Creamy Nutella Banana Smoothie for a Sweet Treat


      Nutella is one of the most beloved sweet spreads in the world and it is often used to create delicious desserts. If you are looking for a sweet treat that is both easy to make and incredibly delicious, a Nutella banana smoothie is a perfect choice! This creamy and sweet smoothie is made with just a few simple ingredients and it can be ready in just minutes. 

      Why It's Good for You

      This smoothie is a great way to enjoy a sweet treat and still get some nutrition. The banana is a great source of potassium and fiber, which can help keep you feeling full.  Almond milk is a good source of calcium and protein. The Nutella adds a delicious sweetness and a creamy texture. Honey is a natural sweetener and adds flavor to the smoothie.


      The Nutella banana smoothie requires only a few ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry. You will need a ripe banana, some full-fat milk, a tablespoon of Nutella, and some ice cubes. You can also add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup for a sweeter flavor if desired. If you want to make a Nutella banana smoothie anytime or anywhere with a portable juicer blender then you may visit


      Fresh juice

      How to Make Delicious Cafe-Style Coffee at Home

      If you're a coffee connoisseur, you might be looking for simple yet effective techniques to make delicious café-style coffee at home. Your mood is set for the day by the cup you choose. Brewing coffee at home can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be, depending on your preferences and lifestyle. The ultimate goal is a liquid that isn't excessively bitter, sour or burned. This may take some trial and error, and it will vary depending on the products and methods you use to make your brew. You also need some equipments like French press or Moka pot, a Force tamper, a milk frothing pitcher, and an espresso machine for making a café style coffee at home. You can buy all these things from your nearby store or online websites like Baristaswag.

      Cafe-Style Coffee

      A Taste of Adventure: Food and Wine Festivals Worth Traveling For

      Food and wine festivals are a great way to experience new cuisines and cultures, as well as to sample some of the best drinks and dishes from around the world. With a growing number of food and wine festivals taking place each year, it can be difficult to choose which ones are worth the trip. In this article, we will highlight some of the most exciting and unique food and wine festivals from around the world that are worth traveling for.

      Food and wine festivals

      Learn how to Make this Authentic Italian Pasta for Special Occasions

      Authentic Italian Pasta

      The Ultimate Guide To Buying Wholesale Fruit And Vegetables

      Buying wholesale fruits and vegetables can be a complicated process. There are many things to consider, such as how much weight your particular product will carry for products you've already ordered. In this article, we'll go over every step of the process, from sourcing wholesalers to understanding shipping costs to good practices for storage.

      Wholesale Fruit And Vegetables

      Dog Lovers Guide to Selecting Healthy Dog Foods & Treats for Your Fido

      A dog needs as much care as a human being! Bringing in a dog to your house is always easy, but taking care of your furry friend means addressing their food as well. Many people think that all they need to do about dog food is go the store and get the food packets. But that is far away from the truth. 

      First and foremost, you need to visit the veterinarian to assess the type of foods that you should give your dog. You shouldn’t put your dog on a high-carbohydrate diet, because that will result in physical problems. If you want to know more about it, you can check out

      Healthy Dog Foods

      The Best Indoor Grow Lights For Seedlings And Vegetables

      Whether you're trying to grow a garden of your own or just keep house plants alive and healthy, b igger, greener eyes can be useful when it comes to keeping an eye on how your plants are faring. Indoor grow lights are the most common source of light for raising plant life indoors . With so many options available today, from fluorescent to LED, finding the best indoor grow light can seem like a tad overwhelming! To make this task easier, consider these tips for figuring out what kind of indoor vegetable garden lighting will work best for you:

      Indoor Grow Lights

      5 Must Know Benefits of Soy Milk 2022

      There are many different types of milk available today, each with its benefits. Some are more popular than others, such as almond and coconut milk, but there is another alternative that is beginning to gain traction among consumers – soy milk. 

      Soy Milk

      Benefits of Hiring Catering Services For Wedding

      Anyone taking the preparation for their wedding must be stressed out about the wedding catering. So naturally, food is a big part of a wedding. However, hiring Catering Services for Weddings is not only about good food. Caterers not only provide freshly cooked meals they can also give you additional services and are responsible for everyone’s health. It is much more than that. You can avail of many benefits by hiring catering services.

      Catering Services For Wedding

      7 Facts About Feeding Jerky treats to Your Dog

      It’s natural to want to share your favorite snack with your furry friend. However, we have to remember that not all human food is safe for our pets to consume. So what about beef jerky? It’s just meat, so it should be fine for our four-legged friends to enjoy, right? The answer isn’t as simple as you may assume. Several factors determine whether or not beef jerky is a safe snack for your pup.

      Feeding Jerky treats to Your Dog

      How Nsf - The Public Health And Safety Organization can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

      When a hazard is identified in a food in distribution, a technological danger assessment can be completed inside by CFIA experts or a formal request for a wellness danger assessment can be sent to Wellness Canada. The purpose of these assessments is to identify the degree of risk a certain food presents to Canadians by assessing the possibility of direct exposure to the food and also the potential severity of the illness or injury.

      When it is understood that a food recall will certainly require to be considered as one of the activities, evaluating the danger associated with the food in concern comes to be an essential action. A food recall is the elimination of a food from further sale or usage, or the modification of its label, at any factor in the supply chain as a danger mitigation verification company 먹튀

      The Ultimate Guide To Everclean Food Safety And Hygiene Solutions

      Based on the danger assessment, the CFIA identifies one of the most ideal activity to minimize the threat, including whether to ask for a food recall. If a recall is essential, the CFIA additionally designates a course to the recall, as follows: There is a high threat that taking in the food may bring about major health issues or death There is a modest risk that consuming the food might cause short-term or non-life harmful illness There is a low danger that eating the food might cause any kind of unwanted health troubles.

      If a firm is not able or rejects to perform a volunteer food recall, the Minister of Wellness has the power to purchase a necessary recall for all food that positions a health risk. When a recall is the proper action to take, the CFIA demands that the company (now described as the remembering company) launch a voluntary recall.

      The Ultimate Guide To Sqfi Home Page - Safe Quality Food Institute

      The CFIA's role is to notify the public, supervise implementation of the recall, give guidance and confirm that sector has efficiently eliminated recalled food from the industry. The CFIA problems public warnings via the media to alert the public around high threat recalls and allergen remembers. Informing the general public around high threat recalls is essential as consumers might have remembered food in their houses.

      Subscribe to receive the most up to date recall details. Stabilizing the requirement to have reliable details with the requirement to educate the public immediately methods that the CFIA sometimes issues public warnings while food safety examinations are ongoing. As the CFIA recognizes extra recalled food, it will certainly release added public cautions in order keep customers informed of potential danger.

      Quality Food

      How To Stay Healthy On The Keto Diet?

      Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to cook meals and stay on top of your nutrition goals, particularly when you're on the keto diet. Luckily, there are many companies that offer gourmet meal delivery services that cater to a variety of diets, including keto and paleo. This blog post will teach you about these companies and how they can help you stay healthy while eating whatever diet you choose!

      The Keto Diet

      5 Amazing Exotic Teas You Need to Know About

      Teas have been an essential part of Eastern culture for centuries, and their popularity is beginning to spill over into the Western world. Many believe that drinking tea brings health, happiness, and wisdom. The culture of drinking tea is spreading across the globe, with people from all over the world beginning to understand its many benefits. 

      There are various teas that can help with more energy, illness prevention, and weight loss. Along with this, many teas are very delicious and lots of people drink them simply because they enjoy them. They can help you relax at night, energize you in the morning, or make it easier for you to focus on your work. 

      If you are a fan of tea and want to try some exotic teas that you may not have heard of before, then here are some great options to consider. 

      Exotic Teas

      Top 5 Benefits of Using Soya Oil in Everyday Life

      Choosing the right cooking oil can improve your overall health significantly. How? Well, some oils help elegantly retain the natural nutrient profile of the ingredients in your food while introducing other healthy compounds to your meal, such as essential fatty acids. But others may negatively influence cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Some oils that significantly cannot withstand high temperatures may break down to form undesirable compounds that may introduce problems in digestion and other critical functions of the body. 

      Soya Oil Benefits

      Top 10 Food Places in Chandigarh That's Worth IG Post!

      The social media platform ‘Instagram’ has become a cult with more than billions of users. The appeasing architecture & picturesque food have grasped a permanent place on Instagram feed. If you stan the best visuals and palatable food on IG and want your feed to be the same, here is the list of top food places in Chandigarh that’s worth an Instagram post. 

      1. Tulum (Tulum Chandigarh)

      Tulum Chandigarh

      Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines?

      Today, people love to try foreign foods and dishes other than traditional only since it tastes different to them. In Korea, you can see South Korea and North Korea, and both places have several varieties of dishes in excellent taste and provide various health benefits through those foods. When you also decide to try the foreign dishes, go for the Korean dishes, which are worth trying. People will get answers in this post to those looking for Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines?

      Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines

      The Top Reasons to Try New Foods While Traveling

      Traveling is one of the best opportunities you will have to try new foods. That being said, depending on where you go, it can be easy to stick to your habits and just eat foods you are familiar with. While occasionally having something you could get at home is fine, there are plenty of reasons to try new foods while traveling.

      Foods While Traveling

      Benefits of Hiring a Professional Corporate Catering Service

      While planning a special event or function, offering food to your guests becomes the most important part. Though we want to offer our guests some delicious homemade foods, it becomes a really tough task because every guest has different requirements and taste preferences. So, contacting corporate catering service is the best option, as with this, your guests will enjoy perfect delicacies. 

      Having the perfect food can make the entire event really special and to ensure that everyone remembers your function, you need to contact the professionals corporate catering service is the best choice. However, selecting a good corporate catering service is a tough task. As there are many things that need your careful consideration.

      Professional Corporate Catering Service

      7 Perfect Festive Recipes With Butter | Nutralite

      7 Recipes With Butter To Try This Holiday Season

      The soon approaching winter holiday season is a time for the gathering of loved ones, especially around a table with delicious foods! And, while every foodie has their favourite holiday treat that they find simply irresistible, one common, special ingredient among most, is a hearty spoonful of delicious butter. Its unmatched, rich and silky taste makes you want to try out a recipe with butter to cherish the holiday spirit. 

      Lately, consumers have been wary about what they eat and the quality of ingredients they use when cooking at home. Selecting better butter alternatives like Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread that not only add a deliciously creamy touch to meals but also support your immunity, can help achieve the perfect blend of taste and health you’re after. 

      Here are 7 recipes with butter that are bound to make your celebration more exciting and healthilicious: 

      1. Creamy Tomato Soup 

      What better way to enjoy a winter evening than with a hot, creamy bowl of your favourite soup? It’s the perfect blend between something light, tasty and filling to cozy up with and keep the cold at bay. 

      Creamy Tomato Soup

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