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Plan a Stress Free Travel and Make Lifetime Memories

The word Holiday signifies happiness and freedom. Holidays are the best source for mental relaxation and rejuvenation. Different people plan their holidays in different ways. Some may like it the organized way, i.e. pre-planning everything, while others may like it impromptu. 

Stress Free Travel and Make Lifetime Memories

Top 5 Best Travel Audiobooks You Shouldn't Miss

Indeed you've already started hearing about them, but do you know what an travel audiobook is? In recent years, this medium has experienced a tremendous boom, mainly due to the influence of companies such as Amazon, which breaks into the market with the Audible platform.

Top Travel Audio books

Five Unbelievable Facts About Atlanta

There are upwards of 242 neighborhoods in Atlanta today — this is a city whose footprint has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Whether you have a conversation with a member of the OTP or an ITP may result in a different response. The answers are clear in the city, though.

Facts About Atlanta

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

All About Kareri Lake Trek


Ever wondered what melting glaciers are leaving behind? The glaciers are melting day by day but the only good in this is that they are leaving behind their gems exposed. The ones which were buried under them for unknown years , which have immaculate beauty and religious belief attached to them. One category of these gems are the high altitude freshwater lakes. We are blessed to have a great part of the Himalayas in the country which has numerous high altitude freshwater lakes to visit. The water in these lakes is so pure and considered to be holy in some cases that you can even drink it.It is one of the must visit place in India.

Kareri Lake Trek

Top Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is a country of absolutely astounding wealth, both naturally and culturally. When we think of Nepal, we think of Buddhism, temples, sādhus, but also the vertiginous altitudes and the immensity of the mountains.

If one assimilates - rightly - Nepal to trekking and spirituality, be careful, the country is not limited to it exclusively!  Here are some tips to prepare your trip to Nepal, so that it can be, without a doubt, simply unforgettable.

Top Things to do in Nepal

Get lost in breathtaking Kathmandu

Kathmandu is undoubtedly the starting point of any trip to Nepal. A thousand and one contradictory things make Kathmandu a city as endearing as it is chaotic! Particularly appreciated for its temples and sublime stupas, it can be visited on foot, by rickshaw and possibly by taxi.

From the tourist district of Thamel to the bewitching Kopan Monastery overlooking the city, one cannot of course ignore the sublime and sacred Buddhist sites Swayambunath and Bodnath , which are among the most imposing in the world, but also on the unmissable Durbar Square  and its incredible monuments classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The fascinating Pashupatinath, where cremations take place, is worth a detour but beware, this is the time for meditation and discretion, out of respect for the families preparing the ceremonies. Sensitive souls will probably do better to abstain.

Get lost in breathtaking Kathmandu

Discover the small villages of the Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu continues to surprise its visitors even in its valley; the small villages, their charm and their history, embark in the heart of a real journey through time. “Choosing” which village (s) to visit can be difficult as there are so many in the valley and they can each seduce in their own way.

small villages of the Kathmandu Valley

The combo Patan / Khokana / Bungamati can be an excellent choice for a close view of the capital and travel time to get there (the best solution is the taxi). 

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Trekker in the heart of sumptuous and legendary mountainous landscapes

Nepal is undoubtedly THE trekking paradise, in particular because the country is home to 8 of the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world; and we are talking about peaks rising to more than 8,000 m altitude! It gives a brief idea of the landscapes that can be discovered on the move.

The main problem with the trek (apart from the fact that you have to walk) is that you have to choose it first? Venture to the peaks of the famous Everest or Annapurna? Or set off to discover regions a little less known such as Langtang, Manaslu or Mustang.

Trekker in Nepal

Learn about spirituality in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha

Located in the south of the country, very close to the border with India, the city of Lumbini is a place of pilgrimage where one goes, not for the charm of the village (which does not have any strictly speaking) , but for the spirituality that emerges from it. The Temple of Maya Devi (mother of Buddha) is usually a must-see for visitors to Lumbini, as is the immense park that surrounds it, and the various small temples scattered around, built by Buddhist communities around the world (many countries are represented, including France).

birthplace of Buddha

Paragliding facing the Annapurna range

If there is one “thrills” activity to do in Nepal, it is paragliding. Because it is especially in the region of Pokhara , starting point of treks in Annapurna, that this discipline is practiced; for good reason, we fly over the city and the Phewa Tal lake, with nothing less than the Annapurna chain as a backdrop! 

Paragliding facing the Annapurna range

Enjoy the peace of the small town of Pokhara

As long as you are in Pokhara for a paragliding flight, a trek, or both, you might as well enjoy the calm of Pokhara. The calm is very relative in Nepal, but in comparison with the madness of Kathmandu, we must admit that Pokhara is a peaceful city! 

Small town of Pokhara

Explore the Nepalese jungle (Chitwan National Park or Bardia National Park)

Nepal is surprising, because despite the large mountain range that the country offers, you can also get lost in the heart of the Nepalese jungle and thus completely change the scenery and atmosphere.

Many agencies in Kathmandu and Pokhara offer ready-made “jungle tour” packs, including accommodation, transport, guide and visit. But it is also quite possible to fend for yourself by choosing your lodge directly.

The Chitwan National Park is usually the most visited park because closer to two major cities. The more adventurous, in search of authenticity above all, will perhaps prefer the Bardia National park, in the west of Nepal.

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Take a meditation and / or yoga retreat

No surprise, who says spirituality often means listening to your body and to yourself. Nepal stands out today as a destination of choice for those who wish to afford time, thanks to meditation, yoga, or both! A large choice of "retreat" possibilities exist in the Kathmandu Valley, in Pokhara, or in the countryside. Some temples offer it, as well as reputable organizations like the famous Vipassana.

yoga retreat nepal

Let yourself be surprised by Nepalese cuisine

Any traveler in Nepal must taste the culinary specialties of the country, the reverse would be almost a crime, but above all, would be impossible, especially for trekkers! Because on a trek, culinary diversity is not really in order. In the high mountains, the lodges do with the means at hand, which consist mainly of lentils and potatoes. The lens in Nepal is quite a story. The national dish is none other than dal bhat, a dish consisting of white rice and thick lentil soup, served with a vegetable curry and sometimes meat.

Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand

Short trekking getaways in Uttarakhand

The reasons for opting for a shorter trek may be many – they are ideal for beginners who are just looking to take their first step into the wondrous world of trekking. Some may simply enjoy the thrill of experiencing the all-encompassing beauty of mountains within numbered days. While for others it may be the enticing idea of leaving behind the humdrum of life for a little rendezvous in the hills whenever a long weekend rolls around the corner. 

Short trekking getaways in Uttarakhand

12 Must to Do Activities in Dubai with Family

Dubai, the largest city of United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of global culture and one of the most visited cities in the world. Dubai is known for its Tall Buildings, shopping destinations, exciting theme parks and water parks, desert safaris and extreme adventure sports. All these combined, makes Dubai the ideal holiday destination, especially for families as there is something or everything for everyone visiting here.

Activities  To Do in Dubai with Family

The 10 Least expensive Spots to Fly This Spring

The last long periods of winter and the hotly anticipated beginning of spring makeup seemingly the most underestimated a long time of the year to discover an airfare bargain. As school children and families rush to cost gouged sea shore objections for spring break, essentially wherever else is in shoulder season during Spring, April, and May. While the Northern Side of the equator is defrosting, pick from a large number of airfare bargains before the high as can be summer valuing kicks in. 

Least expensive Spots to Fly This Spring

Take Self Drive Car to Visit 7 Best Destinations around Bangalore

The ‘Garden city of India’, Bangalore is well known throughout the world as the IT hub, gorgeous Brigade Road, numbers of colleges, and interesting nightlife. However, the traffic, hectic schedule, and work pressure in the city can sometimes push people to the point of exhaustion. That is the time when you need to plan a trip with your family or close friends so that you can de-stress naturally. Fortunately, it so happens that there are several places in and around Bangalore that you will come across many options to plan a trip.

Destination Around Bangalore

Places To Visit In Dehradun

Dehradun, a city which is famous for its beauty. Situated in the Doon Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun is surrounded by the Ganges and Yamuna rivers of India. There is no dearth of tourist places to visit here.

Places To Visit In Dehradun

Prepare Your Trip to Thailand in 2021

Today I am writing this article in order to give you some tips as preparation for your trip to Thailand in 2021. Itineraries, vaccines, visas, or even periods for travel in Thailand, I tell you everything. I will also explain Villa Mahabhirom for the best accommodation.

Things in Thailand

Travel Toiletry Bag: What You Need to Know

Travel and commuting are times when people sometimes find it difficult to organize the essentials with which to move. To make your next trips more pleasant, we recommend an accessory that will make your life easier. The toiletry bag allows you to take your small items when you go on a trip, to the gym, etc.

Travel Toiletry Bag

Ten Things You Get By Booking An Air India Flight Ticket

There is no doubt that Air India is an exceptionally good airline. As the flag carrier of India, Air India is one of the major airlines in the world. It is also a member of Star Alliance, which is one of the three largest airline alliances in the whole world. Air India brings the best services to all the passengers. Be it on the ground or in flight, the level of service that they offer is of the highest standard. 

Air India Flight Ticket

Looking For A Visa? Apply Online With Natvisa

The visa process doesn’t have to be lengthy and time-consuming. It can be incredibly simple as well. Thanks to technology and the introduction of online visa you don’t have to wait in long lines anymore to apply for a visa.

Apply Online With Natvisa

10 Major Ways Travel Will Not Be The Same As It Was Before The Pandemic

10 Significant Ways Travelling Will Be Different In 2021

“I want to travel as much as I can. I will be spending more time in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand to make up for the lost time," says Gregg Jaden, a renowned photographer based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. 

Travel and tourism are one of the most affected industries in this pandemic situation. There has been a massive, sudden fall in international travel demand. Many borders were fully closed. The Pacific and Asia saw a stark decrease in the arrivals of travellers by nearly 82% in January-October 2020. 

But, the pandemic isn’t over yet. Thus, though allowed, travelling will not be the same as it was before 2020. You have to be extra careful, extra cautious, and extra updated about travelling norms and restrictions. Here are the ten major ways travelling will be unbelievably different in 2021. 

Travel in 2021

Get Acquainted With The Complete Guide for Student Visa Subclass 500

The Australian economy tends to be abundant evident for attracting the key cluster of the people to the region for the study purpose. It's therefore thanks to the rationale that it serves the international students with the highest ranking institutes providing world category  education by mistreatment the newest and also the updated tools and techniques. For moving to the land, the key demand for the individual would be the remainder of the  student visa.

Student Visa Subclass 500

How to Plan Your First Solo Trip?

In the occasion that you're needing to book your first solo trip, by then this post was made for you! Whatever your motivations driving deciding to go just it, taking the best  experience is exceptional among other time ways to deal with oversee improvement and you likely will regard it. 

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women

Traveling is a great hobby that not only relaxes you but teaches many things in life. Solo traveling has become a big trend in India. People love to explore new and thrilling places. It a great way to be independent and enjoy singleness, but for women to travel alone is challenging. You have to be very prompt and aware of your security risks. However, by taking proper precautions and wisely planning the journey will make things easier for you. In this blog, we have listed some important safety tips for women.

Travel Safety Tips for Women

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