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5 Adventurous Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

When it comes to a vacation in the mountains, passing the time can be somewhat complicated. Most city folk dream about going to the mountains and spending time in nature, but many of them don’t know what to do when they get the chance. Understandably, if you have spent your entire life in the city, the mountains seem foreign. However, don’t let that deter you from your nature adventure. There are several things you can do to keep yourself occupied. 


The Best Australia Vacation Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

Although Australia is the smallest continent, it offers numerous vacation spots. They are so many that some people may not have heard about some of these locations. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the less known places are not worthy of a visit. It merely implies that they have a scope of getting renown gradually.

Additionally, Australia offers some of the best places to stay. Any accommodation in Jindabyne is proof of that. The lodgings provide everything a traveler may need, from the check-in time to the check-out. 

Australia Vacation Spots

6 Things to Pack for a Vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains

Summer is near, and we all know what that means: time for vacations! If your dream of leaving your everyday responsibilities and the stress of life behind is on the verge of coming true this summer, consider this a final push to get you moving and get started on your vacation planning. 

Vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains

7 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Arizona

Visiting Arizona

Cabin vs. Hotel vs. Airbnb: The Right Accommodation on a Vacation

When on holiday, your lodging can significantly impact how well you enjoy your vacation. However, choosing the right kind of lodging may often be a difficult task. As holiday expenses can get out of control pretty quickly, it is natural to want to decrease costs on accommodation. That would mean sacrificing the quality of your stay.

But several accommodation options can provide the comfort and low cost you desire, including a cabin, hotel, or Airbnb.

When it comes to cabins, you can get more privacy and better access to the outdoors. In a cabin, you'll be able to enjoy a private bedroom area for reading and relaxing, or even sleeping in if you choose, and there's no one rushing or going up or down the corridor outside your door.

On the other hand, a hotel is more service-oriented. A hotel typically offers rooms with various amenities, such as private bathrooms, central air conditioning, televisions with cable and Internet access, mini-fridges stocked with beverages and snacks, and coffeemakers. A restaurant, a swimming pool, and daycare and conference services are also included in a hotel stay.

Last but not least, Airbnb is a platform that lets homeowners list their properties for rent and links them with potential guests looking for a place to stay. People can make some extra money from their homes in a simple and stress-free way with the help of Airbnb.

Cabin vs. Hotel vs. Airbnb

13 Places You Must Visit When In Tennessee

If you are someone who loves the hustle and bustle of city life just as much as you crave to be in peaceful nature, Tennessee might be the ideal place for you to visit on your next vacation

From the naturally lush forest-covered peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains to Nashville, its capital, better known as the Music City, there is a lot for everyone to discover and revel in. 

Places You Must Visit When In Tennessee

Common Safari Questions, Answered!

Most people have many questions before setting off on that eagerly awaited adventure - their first African safari! If this applies to you as well, we’ve answered several of the most frequently asked questions below.  

kruger national park

6 Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

The colorful and remarkable tradition of equestrian sports dates back to Ancient Greece, more commonly known as dressage. Dressage is a term in French which means "training," and it is a celebrated sporting competition and exhibition that includes training horses to perform precise movements. Dressage is commonly perceived as the highest form of expression apart from all equestrian sports, and this type of horse training lays down the groundwork for other horse sport disciplines. 

Equestrian sports such as dressage combined training and show jumping is part of the Olympic Games. This form of competition is recognized as an equestrian Olympic event. Moreover, thoroughbred horse racing happens to be the most popular form of equestrian worldwide. For this purpose, people purchase pure breed horses, care for them, groom them, and train them for these sports. Hence, if you have a horse for training or any other purpose, you will need some tips to keep it happy. 

Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

Why is New Jersey a Perfect Vacation Spot!!

New Jersey has never been considered as a top of the list vacation spot. It does not have a good reputation and TV shows like Real Housewives and Jersey shores certainly do not help. But if you take a look at New Jersey you will be pleased. New Jersey offers so many unique experiences and fun activities that is all you need during your vacations. It has everything that intrigues a traveler — bustling cities, small towns, all four wonderful seasons, food to die for and many fun activities. If New Jersey is not on your travel list, here are the reasons why you should add it:

  1. New Jersey Fall Foliage:

The autumn in New Jersey is everything that you can ever imagine. As the fall approaches, scorching summer heat is replaced by cool autumn breeze. The colors of summer begin to fade away and all the trees put on one last colorful show before shedding all the leaves. And to experience this spectacular phenomenon in New Jersey is dream-like! The reason New Jersey is called “ The Garden State” is because of innumerable natural reserves and open spaces that give a glimpse into the awe-inspiring nature. If you want to visit a picturesque town to have a full autumn experience, a small New Jersey Town is your best bet. Everywhere there are leaves in the process of turning into gold and red, people go apple picking and spend days in a pumpkin patch. You can have apple cider at any place you want. Princeton, Collingswood and Lambertville are the picture perfect towns you want to consider for your fall traveling to have a glimpse of nature transforming into dormancy.

  1. Kites and Hot Air Balloon festivals:

Every year, New Jersey holds the biggest hot air balloon festival. This annual festival consists of hundreds of hot air balloons along with headlining concerts, crafters, vendors, fireworks, and more. The festival is jam-packed with stuff to experience and with non-stop entertainment. Along with the balloon festival, New Jersey also hosts the annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival — the biggest festival of its kind in all of North America. This festival includes night fly at the lighthouse, inflatable kite displays, indoor competitions, sport kite shows, children kite making and much more! These festivals are one of a kind and certainly worth a visit.

  1. Breathtaking waterfalls:

Despite the popular belief, New Jersey does have magnificent waterfalls. There are more than 15 waterfalls in New Jersey and the biggest one called “Buttermilk Falls” has a height of 200 feet and it requires no hiking, so there is no extra mile you need to go in order to take in that sublime view. Being in New Jersey is like nature is on your doorstep. Other popular waterfalls of New Jersey are, paterson Great Falls which is 77 feet high, Hemlock falls and passaic falls. These waterfalls expose nature in its rawest form. Each waterfall is better than the other and we can't decide which one is the best. You should certainly visit New Jersey and decide for yourself. 

  1. Heavenly Beaches:

New Jersey has a coastline that expands to almost 130 miles and is famous for the several beaches it offers. New Jersey beaches are diverse, from the most famous Jersey shore to  Cape May and Ocean grove, Avalon and more. Between long walks along the shore, deep blue ocean, light breeze, outdoor restaurants, sun-bathing and surfing, it is not hard to imagine why New Jersey beaches attract so many people. Spending a day on the beach is the best way to decompress and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.Jersey shore offers many indoors activities like Atlantic city casino, bally Park Place for arcades, the smile factory, museum in asbury Park, mini golf and so on. From quiet beach towns to style party towns, New Jersey has a range to offer. 

  1. Magnificent Manhattan Skyline view:

It is no hidden fact that the Manhattan Skyline is one of the most spectacular views of the world. If you are in the city itself, you can't see the iconic skyline. This skyline can be viewed from several locations, one such location is from across the Hudson River in New Jersey. Anywhere across the jersey side of the river from Liberty State Park to Hoboken and beyond, the skyline can be viewed in all its might. Waterfront parks, hotel rooms with skyline views, riverside restaurants are some of the most common places to view the majestic skyline. 

  1. Home of the Music legends:

You probably did not know this but New Jersey has produced a large number of music legends including Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Britney Houston. Just because it is not Newyork or Los Angeles does not mean it can not have its own music taste. Bruce sprongsteen was New Jersey’s first ever rockstar who left a mark on the world. Newark , among many other clubs, has been famous for the jazz performances of various indeginous artists. New Jersey has its own musical soul which totally makes it worth a visit. 

  1. World’s Largest Theme Park:

Do you think you are too old to visit a theme park? Well, New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure theme park, is sure to change your view. It is the largest theme park to exist on earth. It provides entertainment to all age groups by providing diverse fun activities. It was built in 1974 and it has its own waterpark ,a roller coaster with the tallest and fastest drop in the whole world and a 4D hub that was inaugurated in 2016. It is the hub of thrill seekers. 

  1. Diners to Die for:

If you are a foodie, New Jersey is your heaven. It has more diner per capita than any other state. New Jersey is also known as “the Diner Capital of the World” — a well earned distinction. Who does not love food? The mere thought of the aroma of food brings water to the mouth. Who doesn't want cheesy french fries, burgers, pancakes, omelettes and other appetizing meals just in the range of 5 miles. There are dozens of old and credible diners in New Jersey but the oldest of them all is The Summit Diner is an incredible choice. It is a veteran restaurant built in 1929 serving out the retro dishes in a peaceful ambiance. 

  1. Rich Historical background:

New Jersey is rich with history and full of historical places dating back to George Washington and continental Army during the American revolutionary war. These historic sites can be enjoyed on a weekend’s getaway staying in a small bed and breakfast. There are hundreds of historic homes that are preserved. Some towns of New Jersey offer the living experience of the 19th century in all its majesty, you can even make ice cream in an old fashioned way and take care of farms and make your food with sources available. These historical attractions act as the major magnet for history lovers and every year several people flock together to experience what new jersey has to offer.

  1. Latest Improvements:

In recent years, several initiatives have been taken due to the bad reputation of New Jersey. The Ashbury Park destroyed by hurricane Sandy is now being renovated. It was named one of the top 10 places to travel in 2016 by the magazine travel and leisure . Similarly, Newark Airport is also being improved with a budget of 120 million dollars. There are many small and large changes being made to make the attractive features of New Jersey stand out and to increase the tourist flow. So, this summer, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the unique and entertaining experiences that New Jersey offers you. It is a ride of a lifetime!

The Top Reasons to Try New Foods While Traveling

Traveling is one of the best opportunities you will have to try new foods. That being said, depending on where you go, it can be easy to stick to your habits and just eat foods you are familiar with. While occasionally having something you could get at home is fine, there are plenty of reasons to try new foods while traveling.

Foods While Traveling

5 Things To Do While In Vegas

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? Gambling, cheap buffets, and Elvis impersonators? While all three of those are true to some extent, there’s actually so much more to see and do in Sin City, and it’s not just confined to the strip or downtown areas. Here are 5 things you can do while in Vegas that don’t involve gambling.

Things To Do In Vegas

Packing List for Traveling with Your Dog

If you’ve made up your mind about taking your dog along on your next trip, getting a dog packing list ready is the most important task for you to consider. Being prepared will make your next adventure more enjoyable and memorable with your furry best friend. 

Traveling with Your Dog

Tips to choose best canopy tent for travelling


Camping is always fun with your family and friends. You can stay in tents or you can take extra space by using canopy to make up for the loss of tent. It is an easy way to travel light without sacrificing on comfort. With this article, I will provide some tips that will help you choose the best canopy tent for camping trip.

Here are some Tips to choose best canopy tent for travelling

Choosing the best canopy tent for travelling is not easy as it looks. You will need to consider several factors such as size, weight, and durability of the product. Other than this, you will also need to choose according to features like ventilation system, storage space and more.

In this article, I will explain all these factors and help you choose the best canopy tent for travelling.

1. Size of the canopy tent

Size of the tent is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying a camping product. You should be able to find out the size of your car or truck before buying it. This will help you in selecting the best size of the canopy so that you can easily install it on your vehicle while travelling.

2. Weight of the canopy tent

Weight of the product is also an important factor that affects your travelling experience. You should get a lightweight canopy so that you can move it easily while traveling through different places. Moreover, modern day canopy tents are very light in weight so you will not face any problem while carrying it for long distances.

3. Durability of the canopy tent

Durability is another factor that you need to consider while choosing the best canopy tent for travelling. You should get a product that has quality fabric and parts so that it performs well without breaks, tears or any other issue. It is important because material affects not only durability but also ventilation system of the canopy.

4. Features of the canopy tent

You need to consider all types of features such as, height adjustability, side walls and more while choosing a best canopy tent. You should look for all these features in one product only so that you can enjoy your travelling experience without any problem.

5. Ventilation system in the canopy tent

You should look for an umbrella type canopy that has ventilation system in it. Ventilation system is very important because it will provide fresh air and protect you from scorching sun rays during travelling.

6. Size of the storage space in the storage space

Storage space helps you to keep your luggage or other essential things inside while travelling through different places. You should get a product that has enough space so that you can easily keep your things while travelling.

7. Price of the canopy tent

Price is an important factor and don't forget to consider it while buying a travelling umbrella. You will need to compare different products available in the market and choose one accordingly.

I hope this information will help you in choosing the best canopy tent for travelling. If you still have any doubt, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

5 Best Hotels In Goa That Let You Experience The City's Fine Hospitality

Booking your hotel stay is a smart way to simplify things while planning a vacation ahead of time. You can’t argue with the fact a luxury or a five-star hotel with all its convenience or on-point services is just one less thing to worry about. But yes, determining which upscale daman hotels in Goa is suited to your needs, demands a bit of an effort. And since choosing a hotel has layers of research and careful budgeting involved, we have decided to take that burden off of your shoulders by helping you select the best.

Hotels In Goa

Guidelines For International Passengers Travelling To India

New guidelines for international passengers travelling to India 

With the advent of Covid-19 major countries around the world had imposed travel restrictions for people travelling to and from the country. These travel restrictions were put in place to control the outbreak of the virus and ensure that people's health and safety were not compromised. When the outbreak first began in early 2020, countries were quick to impose several travel restrictions. 

However, with the virus being controlled to a certain extent and more than 42/% of the world's population vaccinated, with some countries having almost 99% vaccinated individuals, travel restrictions have been eased throughout. India is no less, and with nearly 48.1 million people vaccinated, new guidelines have been put in place for international passengers travelling to this country. 

Read on to learn more about the new travel guidelines for international passengers travelling to India. 

Guidelines For International Passengers Travelling To India

Learn how to Become a Successful Travel Blogger: Follow these Tips

Effective Tips to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

Many of you like to travel and explore new places. Some of you might also love to share your experiences with everyone. Yet, you fail to do so correctly. You might wonder why? Well, it is not easy to grab people's attention if you don't know the correct elements. Travel blogs are pretty common across the globe and have been a source of income for many. 

Travel blogging is one of the upcoming professions. So, if you aspire to live on your own terms, follow these tips to be a successful travel blogger.  

Tips to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

5 Best Romantic Getaways in India

India has a superfluity of options when it comes to offering destinations that can be considered for a romantic vacation. Often we see couples plan a trip around Valentine’s day to express love towards their partner. If you are confused between a foreign and Indian romantic getaway then don’t sweat about it. 

Best Romantic Getaways in India

How to Prepare Your Car For A Long Road Trip In UAE

Road trips can be a lot of fun especially when you have planned it with your loved ones. You anxiously await the whole year for the time to come when you are ready to pack your bags and finally hit the road. You leave all your troubles behind for some time and have a lot of fun, making good memories which you will cherish for years to come.

In a road trip, the most important thing you need to be certain of is your car. Since everything depends on your car, you need to prepare your car for the trip and make sure it is good to go. Suppose you drive a BMW, and it breaks down in the middle of a road trip.

It will certainly ruin your whole trip and you would look for a BMW car repair service so that your car may get fixed. Before continuing further, we would like to let our customers know that PitStopArabia offers BMW car repair services throughout the UAE at the most reasonable rates.

What is PitStopArabia?

It started as an online tire retailer offering delivery and installation throughout the UAE. Over the years, it has expanded its business to include other automobile-related services. Car repair, car maintenance, automobile insurance, and battery replacement are some of the services that it currently offers. Its workers are highly professional and skilled, meaning that you do not need to worry about work quality.

Now, let us get back to our topic. Today’s article will educate you on how to prepare your car for a long road trip in the UAE.

BMW Car Repair for Road Trip

Top Travel Destinations in North India

India is blessed with diverse terrain. Each part of the country has tons of different places and things to explore, with North India being one of them. When you think of North India, images of remnants of former kingdoms, spiritual towns, gorgeous mountains, and lush valleys are something that promptly comes to mind. The region is blessed with various destinations worth exploring. All you need is a weekend, cheap flight tickets and budget-friendly hotel rooms, and you are all set for a whale of a time. Let us see what North India has in its store for the touristy crowd.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Vineyards to City Food Tours: Top Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

6 Hot Food Tourism Trends That Will Make You Want To Travel Today

International vacations are back on the table. After almost a year and a half of border closures, in 2022, the fun of touchdown in another country goes hand in hand with COVID-19 well-being protocols. And, the thrilling new world of traveling is rewriting the recipe for food-focused holidays more than ever before. 

Often when we travel, our taste buds dictate our experience or choice in the destinations. Travel is all about experiences, and food pushes us further into an experience. When you book a flight to Naples in Italy, you enjoy the garlic butter melting on the top of a crunchy loaf. You go to France and scour the streets for a flakey croissant and a glass of orange juice in the morning. 

Hot Food Tourism Trends

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