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5 Amazing Exotic Teas You Need to Know About

Teas have been an essential part of Eastern culture for centuries, and their popularity is beginning to spill over into the Western world. Many believe that drinking tea brings health, happiness, and wisdom. The culture of drinking tea is spreading across the globe, with people from all over the world beginning to understand its many benefits. 

There are various teas that can help with more energy, illness prevention, and weight loss. Along with this, many teas are very delicious and lots of people drink them simply because they enjoy them. They can help you relax at night, energize you in the morning, or make it easier for you to focus on your work. 

If you are a fan of tea and want to try some exotic teas that you may not have heard of before, then here are some great options to consider. 

Exotic Teas

Top 5 Benefits of Using Soya Oil in Everyday Life

Choosing the right cooking oil can improve your overall health significantly. How? Well, some oils help elegantly retain the natural nutrient profile of the ingredients in your food while introducing other healthy compounds to your meal, such as essential fatty acids. But others may negatively influence cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Some oils that significantly cannot withstand high temperatures may break down to form undesirable compounds that may introduce problems in digestion and other critical functions of the body. 

Soya Oil Benefits

Top 10 Food Places in Chandigarh That's Worth IG Post!

The social media platform ‘Instagram’ has become a cult with more than billions of users. The appeasing architecture & picturesque food have grasped a permanent place on Instagram feed. If you stan the best visuals and palatable food on IG and want your feed to be the same, here is the list of top food places in Chandigarh that’s worth an Instagram post. 

1. Tulum (Tulum Chandigarh)

Tulum Chandigarh

Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines?

Today, people love to try foreign foods and dishes other than traditional only since it tastes different to them. In Korea, you can see South Korea and North Korea, and both places have several varieties of dishes in excellent taste and provide various health benefits through those foods. When you also decide to try the foreign dishes, go for the Korean dishes, which are worth trying. People will get answers in this post to those looking for Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines?

Which Dessert Shares Its Name with a Korean Food Made with Intestines

The Top Reasons to Try New Foods While Traveling

Traveling is one of the best opportunities you will have to try new foods. That being said, depending on where you go, it can be easy to stick to your habits and just eat foods you are familiar with. While occasionally having something you could get at home is fine, there are plenty of reasons to try new foods while traveling.

Foods While Traveling

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Corporate Catering Service

While planning a special event or function, offering food to your guests becomes the most important part. Though we want to offer our guests some delicious homemade foods, it becomes a really tough task because every guest has different requirements and taste preferences. So, contacting corporate catering service is the best option, as with this, your guests will enjoy perfect delicacies. 

Having the perfect food can make the entire event really special and to ensure that everyone remembers your function, you need to contact the professionals corporate catering service is the best choice. However, selecting a good corporate catering service is a tough task. As there are many things that need your careful consideration.

Professional Corporate Catering Service

7 Perfect Festive Recipes With Butter | Nutralite

7 Recipes With Butter To Try This Holiday Season

The soon approaching winter holiday season is a time for the gathering of loved ones, especially around a table with delicious foods! And, while every foodie has their favourite holiday treat that they find simply irresistible, one common, special ingredient among most, is a hearty spoonful of delicious butter. Its unmatched, rich and silky taste makes you want to try out a recipe with butter to cherish the holiday spirit. 

Lately, consumers have been wary about what they eat and the quality of ingredients they use when cooking at home. Selecting better butter alternatives like Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread that not only add a deliciously creamy touch to meals but also support your immunity, can help achieve the perfect blend of taste and health you’re after. 

Here are 7 recipes with butter that are bound to make your celebration more exciting and healthilicious: 

1. Creamy Tomato Soup 

What better way to enjoy a winter evening than with a hot, creamy bowl of your favourite soup? It’s the perfect blend between something light, tasty and filling to cozy up with and keep the cold at bay. 

Creamy Tomato Soup

Vineyards to City Food Tours: Top Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

6 Hot Food Tourism Trends That Will Make You Want To Travel Today

International vacations are back on the table. After almost a year and a half of border closures, in 2022, the fun of touchdown in another country goes hand in hand with COVID-19 well-being protocols. And, the thrilling new world of traveling is rewriting the recipe for food-focused holidays more than ever before. 

Often when we travel, our taste buds dictate our experience or choice in the destinations. Travel is all about experiences, and food pushes us further into an experience. When you book a flight to Naples in Italy, you enjoy the garlic butter melting on the top of a crunchy loaf. You go to France and scour the streets for a flakey croissant and a glass of orange juice in the morning. 

Hot Food Tourism Trends

Tips to Choosing Perfect Lunch Catering Services for Better Food

If you are hosting an event, be it private or corporate, you have to make sure everything is perfect. Right from the decorations to the table placements to the food, everything must be perfect. However, there are many times when despite your efforts, you cannot get a positive result. In such scenarios, you must hire services that can make sure nothing goes wrong on the day of the vent. One such important service is the lunch catering service. You have to make sure that you have the best service to serve and provide them with quality food. Many things have to be considered when you are trying to hire lunch catering. Things such as their time management, do they have the capacity to handle your guests, and whatnot. Here is a list of some important things that have to be considered to make sure that you have the perfect lunch catering services.


Catering Services for Better Food

Here Are Some Important Points to Remember When You Buy Sicilian Pasta

If you have never heard about any Sicilian dish, this article has got you covered. The Sicilian cuisine refers to the cooking style of Sicily. It contains relics of all the cultures that have existed in Sicily during the last two millennia. Sicilian food is related to Italian cuisine, incorporating Greek, Spanish, French, and Arab influences.

Sicilian Pasta

10 Reasons Behind the Fame of Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are two ways of eating your favorite Italian dishes. One is preparing all dishes on your own, whereas the second option is ordering the dishes from the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

How to make Cheese Pizza with vegetable ?

Homemade Cheese Pizza with vegetable

Why Cakes are Important for Many Types of Celebrations!

Every event, no matter how little or large, is made more pleasant with a wonderful delectable cake. Cake has long been linked with auspicious occasions of many kinds. If there is one thing that all of our festivities have in common, it is cake and you can order a happy birthday cake online noida! Events and gatherings in our lives are wonderful occasions that we must unquestionably commemorate in order to create lasting memories. It should come as no surprise that something as delectable as cake would be so meticulously incorporated into all of our important occasions. Every celebration is the sole opportunity to show your pleasure and affection for someone you care about in a meaningful manner. Celebrations are exciting for everyone, and a cake adds to the enjoyment. 

Here are some ways how cakes may help to make your celebration a success. You may either bake these cakes yourself or get them from a cake delivery service online.


The day of the wedding is very important for the couple. It is the day on which they go on a new adventure. Every couple wants to preserve the most treasured memories of their marriage, and weddings are incomplete without a wedding cake. For married couples, cutting a cake together has become one of the most significant rituals they may share. An essential element of every wedding celebration is, unsurprisingly, the wedding cake.


Cutting the cake is something that we have seen since we were children at every birthday celebration we have attended. The cutting of the cake at a birthday celebration has become somewhat of a tradition. Whether you're celebrating your first birthday or your 25th birthday, the cake is an important component of every birthday celebration. There are many flavours and forms to choose from when it comes to cake. In order to make your birthday party unique, consider including a picture cake and a theme cake in your celebration. It is possible to order cake online in Delhi if you live in another place and want to surprise your loved ones.

Valentine's Day:

February 14th is known as "Valentine's Day," which means "Valentine's Day of Love." This is the day when couples express their feelings and affection to someone special by cutting a cake as a couple. The moment has come for them to gather a wonderful recollection to keep as a keepsake. In order to infuse passion and love into their relationships, individuals often buy red velvet heart-shaped pastries on this day. In addition, the cake may be customised to meet your specific specifications. It is stated that Valentine's Day cakes are a one-of-a-kind way of expressing the special connection that you have with your sweetie.

Kid-Friendly Cupcakes:

Your child's special day will be made much more memorable with the addition of a cake. To be sure, the cake is a delectable treat that may boost happiness while also making your children feel wonderful. Having an elegant-looking cake for a child's birthday party is something that everyone desires. Throughout the year, they look forward to this special day. Birthdays are the most expected and important days of a child's life because they make him or her feel more special than ever. "It's my Day," they used to exclaim in a loud voice. You may also order a cake online and have it delivered to your child's location on their big day.

Desserts for Business Meetings:

Another important purpose for cutting a cake is to spend quality time with family and friends while enjoying something delicious. It is unnecessary to celebrate a particular occasion in order to savour the delectable desserts available. While catching up with old acquaintances, you may indulge in the sweet pleasure of cake. A fantastic opportunity to come together with special people while enjoying pieces of delectable desserts.

Birthday and other celebration cakes:

It is almost impossible for individuals to plan a party without remembering to get a birthday cake online order to make their celebration even more enjoyable. As a result, their special occasion is made more joyful and unforgettable by the sweetness of the cake. Additionally, the cause for the celebration is communicated via a statement on the cake's top surface. In order to reward themselves for their little or big accomplishments, delectable desserts are often served.

Wedding Reception Cakes:

Receiving a new relationship is a joyous occasion marked by celebration. The addition of a cake may help to make this occasion even more special and unforgettable. One of the most memorable aspects of a loved one's reception is the addition of a delectable cake to the celebration. Your loved ones' wedding reception celebration will undoubtedly be enhanced with a delectable cake.

Hopefully, by now, you have a good understanding of why cakes are necessary for all of your special events. If you want to celebrate the finest with a touch of sweetness and pleasure, make sure you buy cake online beforehand. Don't forget to purchase delectable desserts for your special events.

Dry Aged Salmon Recipe

There’s nothing quite better than catch of the day fresh fish… or is there? Fish decompose at a much faster rate than red meats such as steak do. Therefore it is important to preserve the fish as fast as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria. However, although some fish are delicate in flavor when eaten fresh, there are many fish that benefit from dry aging, just like with a quality piece of beef. Dry aging fish is a great way to deepen and intensify flavors. 

So what does the process of dry aging fish actually involve you may be wondering. Well, by using a dry aging fridge that is created specifically for dry aging you should expect spoilage free results. The dry aging process helps to tenderise the fish and enhance its natural flavor. A dry age fridge preserves the meat whilst intensifying the flavor and improving the texture by providing the ideal temperature and humidity level. 

Dry Aged Salmon Recipe

The Best Digital Meat Thermometer

Are you trying to make a juicy, succulent, and delicious steak? Only eye-balling your food isn't that effective while cooking. A meat thermometer can ease your mind during a hectic cooking schedule. Using only a little effort will ensure the delicious outcome of your grill or roast. These thermometers are the most prized grilling possession of pitmasters.

best digital meat thermometer

Raspberry Friands Recipe a Healthy Snack in the Ketogenic Diet

Delicious little treats are healthy snacks that can be eaten by health freaks. Impress all your friends with this stunning and delightful recipe.

This amazing recipe will love your family and friends. This is a nice recipe to make for a special occasion. I love this recipe. Can you tell me if you try it how did you like it?

Raspberry Friands Recipe

A Checklist Of How Red Wine And Cheese Is Beneficial For Your Health

Multiple Health Benefits Of Consuming Cheese And Red Wine 

Are you maintaining complete abstinence from cheese and wine to fulfil your health goals? If yes, you can relax a little. Because now, there are scientifically proven facts that red wine and cheese can actually provide the right boost to your overall health. 

There have scientific studies on the efficacy of cheese and red wine that has highlighted how these food items can boost cognitive abilities and cardiovascular health. 

When consumed in moderation, cheese and wine will provide the right nutrition you need. On that note, we have prepared a list of benefits for consuming cheese and wine that you’ll find helpful.  

Benefits Of Consuming Cheese And Red Wine

Things To Do With Consuming Protein Shakes

Fitness enthusiasts can’t imagine bodybuilding without protein shakes. Bodybuilding the lifestyle to get an attractive body by doing weight lifting and other intense training. Fitness enthusiasts understand the fact that bodybuilding doesn’t depend on only weight lifting but also you have to schedule your day likewise. From morning rituals to sleeping, everything works toward your fitness goals.  So, it is always better to stop bad hits like eating junk foods, cold drinks, extended screen time, smoking, pollution, and many more. Incorporate some good habits to improve your day and strive toward better health. Here you will get some of these habits.

Protein Shakes

Consume These Superfoods to Improve Your Mental Health

Certain superfoods can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. Owing to high workload and stress disorders, brain health problems are becoming more prevalent these days. It can help to improve your brain health if you make it a habit to eat the best foods for your health.

Food to improve mental health

Top Best Punjabi Food Dishes You Shall Try

If you want to look behind the reasons why all the foreigners succumb to taste the remarkable Indian culinary then the answer is the diversity of taste this cuisine offers. This culinary has a lot to offer to people belonging to different ethnicities. Dishes from Punjab are very appealing to the taste buds as people are fond of the luscious ingredients used in their preparing. These dishes are attractive enough to be tried. All the dishes are mind-boggling especially the dishes made up of meat and the side orders that are mouthwatering too. People tend to find the BestPunjabi food restaurant even in Australia as their taste buds demand something unique and tasteful.

There is a variety in these dishes whether it is roasted mutton or chicken curries. The dishes keep on getting doubled as there is a lot of variation in them. Punjab has its entity and recognition when it comes to a different genre of food. It gives a more pertinent approach to the foods. There are dainty dishes that are not specifically made up of mutton but other specialties also make their way to your heart. These dishes include Pani Puri which is a lighter dish that has the remarkable taste of spicy tangy and can be also added with the sweet taste you yearn for. The vegetables are also cooked in the befitting way they are in the form of spicy curries and gravies.

Chicken Biryani:

Chicken biryani has also the best taste as its specialty get’s increased when Aaloo Tikki or Shami Kebab is served with it and when raita and salad are topped on their sides. Biryani is the best dish served in Pakistan and India equally enjoyed in mutton and chicken for its spicy taste. This dish is also Mughlai but widely loved in India and Pakistan both.

Goat Vindaloo Hot Spicy Curry:

It is also tendered spicy dish It is a dish of complex flavours enjoyed by the Majority of Indians. It is a fiery dish cooked with chillies, garlic vinegar and other spices giving a taste similar to paneer tikka. It has a spicy taste and meat gets marinated to be saucy as well. It is also served with lamb, shrimp and chicken but the taste it gives with mutton is remarkable. Meat is marinated overnight to give the perfect taste. It has the perfect curry which is saucy and spicy.

Nihari Gosht:

It is the best popular dish enjoyed in Punjab. It is the dish inspired by the Mughals emperors as it is cooked with mutton along with the bone marrow cooked on the low flame until it gets tender. The recipe of Nihari involves constant cooking for more than 6 hours.  It is a widely enjoyed dish in the neighbour countries Pakistan and India.

Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka:

Tandoori Chicken is another famous dish of India in which marinated chicken is handed over to a clay oven or tandoor. It can also be cooked on a traditional barbeque grill providing the rich taste that entices you to eat more.

A blend of spices and yogurt is applied to the chicken for a while so that they get amalgam with it. Paneer Tikka is another masterpiece of India culinary as it is made of the stirred paneer. It further includes besan, garam masala and yogurt giving it a spicy tangy taste. Paneer tikka is marinated with chunks of paneer and special spices and then cooked in the tandoor for the tender taste.

Palak Kofta:

You may have heard about the meatballs but these are small balls made out of potatoes and spinach a purely vegetarian dish that is loved not only by Punjabis but others too. It is a north Indian pure vegetarian dish. Paneer is a dip into the onion tomato paste. It is also popular in north India as the famous dish of Punjab and is also loved in Australia. There are also other dishes like Tadka daal and Punjabi Kadai Chicken served at Punjab curry café that is too rich in taste.

Pani Puri:

Punjabi Restaurants in Alexandria have the best menu list for different foods. When it comes to side orders Pani Puri also has the best taste. It is considered the best on the street food list for its memorable taste.  It comes up with both sweet and sour glasses of water it's your choice which you opt to choose. The rich taste of this is loved for the spicy taste it gives. It is a dumpling filled with the chickpeas, potatoes and flavored water.   You can also try bhelpuri which similar to it presented in the form of chaat.

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